Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Colorful Look Back at Girl of the Year 2013: Saige Copeland

Saige Copeland has been a beautiful offering from American Girl as their Girl of the Year 2013. A final "colorful" look back on her wardrobe reveals that while her range of clothing was clearly inspired by southwestern themes and colors, that Saige's wardrobe may also been influenced by color forecasting in the larger fashion industry. How well did Saige's wardrobe line up with the color trends of this past year? Let's compare her outfits with Pantone's Fashion Color Report release in the months leading up to her premiere.

Ever wonder where that unusual palette of colors came from in Saige's Pajamas?

Or how about her Meet Dress? Was that simply southwestern colors, or perhaps riding the color waves noted in Pantone's Fall 2012 color report?

Sparkle Dress seems spot on trend.

Even the Sweater Outfit picks up on the same colors.

What do you think? Was Saige's wardrobe right on color trend?

There have been several sneak peaks of Isabelle Palmer's wardrobe online--her wardrobe colors seem to be looking ahead to Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014. Stay tuned for a color comparison once Isabelle and her wardrobe is released on January 1st, 2014!

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