Thursday, January 2, 2014

Color Quest: McKenna's Color Palette

I have had several requests to look back into the color palettes of previous Girl of the Year dolls. Next up, McKenna Brooks from 2012!

I compared McKenna's wardrobe to Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Fall 2011 (with McKenna's release just a few months later on January 1st, 2012).

The teal is definitely featured in the Meet Outfit, though somewhat lightened. This seems a reasonable accommodation of the color palette since McKenna's dress is such a small canvas!

This darling sweater from McKenna's School Outfit is an exact match for Phlox! The vibrant violet-plum color is an unforgettable hue.

Wow, Bamboo!

McKenna's Warm-Up suit uses the Fall 2011 forecasted colors paired with a light lavender that has shown up in several of her other outfits. The Bamboo peaks through in the details on her tennis shoes.

And all together now:  McKenna's leotard seems a direct echoing of the trending fall fashion colors from 2011.

What do you all think? As my earlier blog posts reveal, the Girl of the Year line represented by Isabelle (2014), Saige (2013), and McKenna (2012) seems to have a strong tie to the larger color trends in fashion and design. Shall we take a look back to Kanani (2011)? Will this popular doll also reveal the same design planning strategy?


  1. It's amazing how well her colors line up! This is a great post, and I love seeing your comparisons. But if I'm not mistaken, I think McKenna was GOTY of 2012, and Kanani was 2011.

    1. Thank you! I see the mistake now! I will correct and update. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. This is really interesting! I would love to see Kanani's, and Lanie's, too! I suppose the biggest question of all, is how early are these palettes made public? Do we know what 2015 or 2016 might hold in store for us?

    1. I will work on Kanani's color palette this weekend!

      As to when the Pantone Fashion Color Reports are made publicly available, the Fall 2014 report is due out next month (February)! Do note though that the GOTY dolls have debuted with either Fall or Spring colors and we won't know if GOTY 2015 will be using Fall 2014 colors or look even further ahead to Spring 2015 colors! However, I will post about each Pantone report as it becomes available!