Thursday, May 21, 2015

Truly Me!

A quick AGPSF Flash report from my quick trip to the store today to enjoy the revamp of the MyAG modern girl line to the Truly Me collection.

New with Truly Me are three new dolls, #62, #63, and #64 plus a special change to #54. The dolls come in the new Lilac Dress as their meet outfit and their boxes are also a bright lilac. 

The lovely #62 features a Sonali mold in medium vinyl, brown hair and amber eyes with a pinwheel iris.

The new #62 is a classic mold face in light vinyl with short, shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes with pinwheel iris. Her eyes are noticeably lighter in color than the #27 blonde.

And #64 is the Ivy mold (note her cut out eye corners) in light vinyl, black-brown mid-length hair, and dark brown eyes, also with pinwheel iris.

The Lilac Dress can be paired with the Love to Layer set. Above is #62 wearing the tulle skirt with glittery silver bow over the meet outfit.

The silver dots on the meet shoes makes more sense when paired with the Love to Layer tulle skirt with its silver bow.

Love to Layer comes with a rather heavy knit zippered vest in deep blue with an asymmetrical closure. The vest design reminds me of GOTY Isabelle's black dance jacket, though Isabelle's jacket was made of thinner material and I think I would have preferred that. The vest looks best zipped up, otherwise it hangs awkwardly on the doll's frame.

A gold glittery headband and bow is part of Love to Layer.

Vest close up.

The Lilac Dress s also available for girls.

Vest for girls. Is this the first JLY/MyAG/TM offering of a matching "Meet" outfit for girls? 

And finally the sleeper surprise. The darling #54 now features cut outs in the corners of her eyes, changing her classification from a Jess mold to an Ivy mold. She is now the best next thing to a !Ivy doll and besides that, she is stunning. I can't stop thinking of #54 as well as #64--both with the Ivy mold. I may have to go back to the store soon to get a closer look at them both!

The store also featured a number of limited-time summer "beach" outfits and accessories--look for more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for your introduction to Truly Me. Great post! :)

  2. iirc, they also had matching meet outfits for the last MyAG meet too! Not sure about years previous to that, but I think they did as well?

  3. Thanks for the clarification! I wasn't sure how #64 was different from the other My AGs with the Jess molds, but now I get it...:)