Tuesday, October 20, 2015

QQ: A Storage Question About Kirsten's Trunk

A Quick Question for Poppets & Posies today. Can Kirsten's Trunk hold both the trundle bed and a sleeping doll? This is the promise given in the catalogs of this treasure from the past, but how does it play out in practice?

Ingabritta has volunteered to be our Houdini to test out the insides of Kirsten's Trunk for storage capacity. She has jumped into the new Playful Polar Bear Pajamas for this experiment.

The trunk pictured is Pleasant Company and the trundle bed is the earlier version as well but possible not as old as the trunk. The red-and-white striped tufted mattress itself is tagged Pleasant Company, but I am unable to verify the age/era of the bed other than the curved top is the older style.

Ingabritta (#56) absolutely fits on top of the trundle bed and mattress with no problem.

The issue seems to be that the poppet's head rises a good inch above the top of the trundle bed's headboard. Already it seems that the lid will not close properly once placed.

Oops! The lid now rests on Ingabritta's head and not the trunk and trundle as designed. The lid rocks back and forth and one can see a considerable gap where it is not closing completely. (Don't worry, I put Ingabritta face down against the tufted mattress so the wooden lid would not scratch the vinyl of her face or nose.)

For contrast, above is the trunk with trundle bed inside--there is no gap. A close up of the same view follows below.

If one *removes* the red-and-white tufted mattress the trundle bed is deep enough to store a Pleasant Company/American Girl doll. However two issues arise from this arrangement. First, the poor doll must rest on the bottom of the wooden bed--this will not harm the doll, but it takes all the magic and fun out of storing and resting a doll in the trundle bed and mattress portion of the trunk. Second, the tufted mattress if removed from the trundle bed now needs to be stored in the limited space below the bed, reducing the available bottom storage area by a full third. 

Another potential issue is if one chooses to store the mattress below the trundle bed is that the mattress must be folded as the 3-compartment arrangement of the bottom area of the trunk does not allow for it to be be stored flat. This may not be an issue for some collectors, but for those looking to preserve Kirsten's items with great care, folding the mattress and storing it in the bottom of the trunk might not be the best option.

So in response to today's QQ (Quick Question), Ingabritta says that technically yes, a poppet can be stored inside of Kirsten's Trunk in the trundle bed, but not in an optimal way. Between the discomfort of the poppet having to lay on mattress-less bed and the loss of storage below to accommodate the dislocated mattress (and all the folding and squishing of the mattress!) the trunk is only moderately useful for doll storage.

Edited to add: I have recently seen other pictures of a doll fitting into the top space *with* the mattress in place. It seems in my case if the mattress was a bit less fluffy that a doll would still just barely squeeze in under the lid, so I am uncertain at this variation as well as why even with a flattened mattress the fit would still be so tight.

Voila! Ingabritta has escaped the trunk safe and sound and plans to sleep on the trundle bed *and* mattress only when they are displayed separately from the trunk and to use the trunk itself for other kinds of storage.

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