Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grace's Slumber Party & Patisserie: Canadian Preview

Thanks to a Canadian friend, stellabella, Poppets & Posies is able to share photos from the Canadian preview of AG's Mega Bloks line. Photos shared with permission!

The event was held at a Toronto Toys R Us store today and featured Grace's Slumber Party & Patisserie.

While the release of the AG-themed Mega Bloks in the United States rumored to be in July, Canadian consumers will have a shorter wait--the Mega Bloks American Girl line will be offered through Canadian Toys R Us stores starting March 18th.

Grace's 2-in-1 building will retail for $109 CAD--approximately $79 US. The package includes the two buildings seen above which can be configured separately or stacked for one giant building/house. (See the final picture for interior and accessories.)

Above and below is the 2-in-1 set configured as one giant house.

The 2-in-1 set comes with Grace, her two friends, her dog BonBon, a patio and table set, floor lamp, plants, and a fully stocked kitchen that comes with both bakery foods and baking equipment: a mixer, rolling pin, blender and more. The kitchen has a sink, counter space, and a refrigerator and oven (doors open on both). Also included are a lounge couch, sales counter, and computer screen. The bedroom area comes with a bunk bed and trundle to sleep three. There is even a bathroom with toilet and sink (lower right).

The Mega Bloks line will include other dolls from the Truly Me line and many specific characters and scenes from previous GOTY dolls. Besides Grace and her bakery, look for Isabelle and her dance and sewing studio, Saige and her artist studio, McKenna and a gymnastics scene, and Nikki with her horse, stable and dog. No word or sight of Kanani yet!

Are you excited?


  1. Yes!! I am in love with these play sets. I love anything miniature so I am thrilled to see these versions. Thanks again for sharing. :):)

  2. Yes and no. I think it is great to see AG in a different forum; it seems we can get AG almost anywhere now. Part of the initial brand allure was the relative exclusivity. Value decreases the more widely available the merchandise...just look at Beanie Babies.

    1. But still, you cannot get AG stuff everywhere. And the dolls are still only at AG locations. I think this is a great idea for little girls who can't get AG dolls. Cheaper, smaller alternative.

    2. Good point about an alternative to having the 18" doll for those on a tighter budget.

  3. That's so fun! It's absolutely adorable! :)

    Allie D.