Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tour the Gourmet Kitchen Set!

Wow! The new Gourmet Kitchen Set surely delivers a smile. A huge Poppets & Posies thank you to Jody Soule for sharing her up close and personal pictures of this wonderful set!

I love Jody's room scene. The Gourmet Kitchen works so well with other modern American Girl kitchen pieces.

Will this be on your holiday wish list??


  1. Wow that kitchen looks so adorable in the room!!!!

  2. That looks so nice in an actual room! I really do like this set, I just don't have any space or reason to have it.

    1. I need a whole separate house for my American Girl life...

  3. If I had the money and space for it, I might get it. But I would rather have a new doll, and some outfits for her. I might be getting Maryellen. And if i get her, I'm most likely getting some outfits for her.

  4. Very cool and a goo price. With so many pieces I would have thought a $500+ tag. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I want that so much .. I just love the new kitchen set, you just made us want it more. lol