Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nanea Play Dress and Music Bag

Busy catching up with all of the images, leaks, and videos featuring Nanea.

From a "Z" video we have these stills of a darling ruffled hem play dress and her pup, Mele.

My current plan is to not get Nanea. I have a gorgeous Kanani doll who does not get much time to shine in our very full poppet house and my thoughts are to pick and choose some of the items from Nanea's collection to fill out Kanani's world. The above dress would be a terrific retro-look for Kanani.

Also in the Z video is a nice clear view of Nanea's woven bag filled with traditional music instruments.

Are you going to get Nanea? Are you already a fan or are you on the fence?

Be sure to also check out the dedicated Nanea page in the top nav bar where all her early peeks are archived in one spot!


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    1. I am glad you also like it! I sort of thought everyone has seen this dress and video already but your response is very gratifying. I think this dress will sell well overall.

  2. The dress is so pretty and reminds me of the silhouette of Molly's birthday dress. I'm not too sure about that dog though . .
    I am very excited for Nanea's books because they were written by Kirby Larson.
    Jen @ DollsBetweenUs

  3. That's a very sweet dress. I have no plans to get Nanea, but one of our dolls may need the mini doll. And I don't think I'll be able to resist the basket of instruments!

  4. Nanea's dress is super pretty! I just read a rumor online that Nanea will be out the first week of August to AG Rewards members only. Do you know if this is true?? Can't wait to have her!

  5. Definitely planning to get Nanea -- and I love this blue dress as well! Shopping for AG outside the US is so priceyyy...