Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nanea's Rewards Collection

Gold and Berry Members can order online or go to the store and purchase this bundle today!

Shipping seems to be delayed until August 4th, so in store may yield quicker results, especially after considering how slow AG shipping tends to be!

My quick review based on stock images and a series of video reviews (already!) on Instagram by a fleet footed fan:

Overall the items in her Rewards Collection are colorful, thoughtful and unique. Her color scheme of various shades of reds plus white and blue does not come off as too kitschy like her contemporary (retired) counterpoint Molly, who's unrelenting red-white-and-blue was a bit off putting--you were needed to love patriotic red or go home.

The down side so far is a lot of poly or poly-blends in her collection. I prefer more cotton than poly for these tiny outfits even if it is not necessarily inaccurate to use poly-blends. Poly blends don't always look or feel as nice in hand. I also worry about her panties or pajamas snagging--here we will have to wait and see.

So a peek at Nanea!

Nanea looks great. Overall, no major gripe on doll, new face mold, wig, or outfit. I will note that I am not sure if I love her eye paint, but mostly because it seems like it would rub off easy. I also have a sneaking suspicion it is a cost savings to paint the notches vs the actual cut notches (like revised #54 or Z) while also making the mold more versatile--a future doll could use the Nanea mold without the painted side notches for a different look.

Nanea does come with removable panties! They are white, silky poly-blend in a boxer-shorts like style.

Her accessories are cute if not terribly exciting.

I want the paper money and letter but the rest is a skip. But since (so far) I have no plans to bring home the doll itself the accessories are not a big draw for me.

Still, so far, the pajamas are my favorite because of the darling cut and print.

Shoes? Where are her shoes? I understand Nanea lives in tropical Hawaaii, but it feels like AG is looking for every opportunity to skip shoes for Nanea as a cost cutting measure. Namely, her pajamas come with no slippers, no hair piece, or some other object in lieu of a shoe.

However, in spite of all the short comings I will probably end up with the pajamas.

The hulu outfit is nice--nicer than Molly's costume. But it has me wistful for Kanani's modern counterpoint in purple.

The dog, Mele, will definitely come home with us.

Who and what will be coming home with you??


  1. The dog is adorable and so different from the others. Although, wasn't Cecile's dog grey?

    Love the hula outfit.

    Um, I'm a bare-footer, but considering all the poisonous snakes and spiders in Hawaii, I'd think she'd have some sort of foot covering and if you google native Hawaiian footwear of the 1940s you do find some really interesting shoes!

    1. They could have also included a small stuffed animal or pillow to the set if they wanted to add value but not give a shoe or slipper. It just seems cost cutting only!

  2. I wish they hadn't painted bits around her eyes, because it is so unrealistic, and doesn't fit with the other 18" AG dolls. Do you think there is a way of getting them off, without ruining the doll?

    1. The paint should come off easily, though you'd have to look elsewhere for experienced removal advice (ie: magic eraser vs other methods). I hope someone does remove the paint and takes pictures so we can see for ourselves!