Thursday, June 18, 2015

Storage Wars: Grace's Travel Case vs. Luggage

With the newly released Travel Case for Girls there is now a bigger and better option for storing Grace's accessories. In fact, until I put the Travel Case and Luggage pieces side by side, I had not noticed how rather limited the Luggage was in terms of storage.

As noted in my previous review of Grace Thomas's Travel Case for Girls, the case fits 2 - 3 outfits on the top compartment and an additional 4 - 5 outfits in the lower compartment.

Grace's Luggage, on the other hand, is smaller than the top compartment of the case.

The Luggage almost completely fits inside the top compartment.

While the Travel Case can store a minimum of six full outfits, the Luggage can barely fit one accessory set!

Grace's Sightseeing Accessories (boots, shrug and sunglasses) fit inside of the Luggage--but just barely.

An alternative storage option is the paperboard "suitcase" from the new Bon Voyage Stationery Set for Grace Thomas. The bright red case from set is smaller than the zippered Travel Case and does not have separate storage compartments like the zippered Travel Case, but the smaller price tag could give the paperboard suitcase the edge for those looking for a more affordable storage option.

In terms of total storage, the Travel Case for Girls wins hands down in a one-on-one battle with the Grace's Luggage, though the paperboard suitcase from the Bon Voyage Stationery Set is an affordable option for those looking for a middle ground. 


  1. Grace has some of the best items I've seen. I think the teal, red, white and black theme is just so appealing. I keep forgetting that she's almost half over as far as being the GOTY and I better get cracking if I want to get her and some of her stuff. Beautiful, clear photos! :)

  2. Very nice review. I like how you are doing a comparison between the girl and doll items and doll uses for both. Or all three, as the case may be.

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