Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grace Thomas's Travel Case for Girls

A squee of delight for Grace Thomas's Travel Case for Girls. It is rare that I bring home items specifically made for girls, but this one was too wonderful to pass up. 

The case is made of a faux-leather, which is really just another way to say it is made of a nice and supple vinyl material. It sports two zippered compartments and a faux-leather carry handle. The teal satin bow is purely decorative and tied onto the handle.

I was drawn to the storage capabilities of the case for doll accessories rather than any use as an overnight bag for girl-sized toiletries or make-up. In fact, the case seems almost too small for heavy use as a girl-sized item and seems tailor made to accommodate items for the poppets.

The design of the case is exciting and fresh. I love the faux-leather patches.

The metal tag on the Eiffel Tower is classy and smart.

So the real question is how well does it store Grace's items!? Here is a sneak peak of that question: pictured above is the top section packed with her City Outfit and her Pajamas. The two outfits fit into the top section of the case with plenty of breathing room. In theory, a third outfit or a few small accessories could fit into this upper space as well.

Considering this top zippered section is about 1/3 of the total storage space, it seems reasonable that the bottom section could hold 4 - 5 outfits depending on how tightly one wishes to pack the clothing.

Overall, this gets a five-star cute-cute-cute-cute-cute rating! Well constructed, delightful design, and a perfect size for storing lots of doll items. A++


  1. So very cute..I can see why you got it! Up close, the details and colors are so cute. Great idea to you it for doll storage!

  2. Looks like a great pieces. I love how you are using it to store Grace's things. A nice theme package making it easy to find her things.