Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Royal Blue Holiday Dress for Josefina?

Will this be Josefina's rumored second new dress?

Her new mantilla is a white lace with a dark comb.

I love the royal blue, but am underwhelmed by the plain black shoes. What does everyone else think?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Birthday Outfit for Summer 2016?

Could this be the new Birthday Outfit for 2016? The outfit is showing up in American Girl adverts for the Signature Studios (Chicago, New York, Los Angles) but not yet in the stores.

I love it. The flirty sandals, the cotton candy pink skirt with shiny polka dots, the bling at the waistband, and the summer tank top. And who doesn't absolutely need a new tiara? And a satiny birthday sash? Over the top birthday girl fun!

I neeeeeeeed this outfit. Even if it means having to beg a friend or internet-friend to pick it up for me. We will need to keep an eye out for this birthday fun! Has anyone local to a Signature Studio seen this offered in their stores?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Welcome Home, Josefina!

A new poppet has joined our household!

Our BeForever Josefina was hand picked at the AGPSF store last October. I wanted to bring her home before any retirement rumor rush, which thankfully has significantly subsided (especially now with new outfits for Josefina on the horizon). I knew I wanted her either way--whether staying in the BeForever lineup or retiring--but I also knew it would be more pleasant to collect for her in the lull between AG debuts and retirements.

At the time I picked her out last fall, both styles of boxes were still available--the silhouette in the lower left corner or the newer full color sticker. 

I chose the silhouette styled box which one can see is the taller box style. I believe other than remaining old stock, the new shorter box style is here to stay.

Her hair is so sleek and smooth and pristine. I take these pictures only to record that at one point her hair was perfect, as I will never be able to return to the perfect braid once I start styling her hair.

Her BeForever skirt and sash, the only real upgrade to her meet outfit during the BeForever launch, is bright and cheerful!

The absolutely perfect bow on her sash, a wistful picture for certain!

Like her earlier version, BeForever Josefina comes with loose cotton briefs.

Her rustic faux leather shoes are pretty floppy and really don't help her balance at all like the more structured shoes with a firm and flat sole. I am pretty certain once I remove these shoes they will never be worn again.

We have been quietly collecting all through this past winter and spring for our new Josefina from the current BeForever line, the early Pleasant Company classics, as well as a few special Etsy outfits. Poppets & Posies looks forward to debuting all her new looks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sweet Summer, Sweet Josefina! New Outfit?

Josefina fans have waited literally years for a new outfit for Josefina. Could this be the new rumored outfit?

The outfit seems to come with an embroidered camisa, a separate cotton print skirt with scalloped edge, and a silky green shawl. It seems a complete outfit would include a Josefina-style-and-color appropriate coordinating sash and shoes still yet to be found.

Eta: A possible sash has now been sighted!

Josefina missed out during the 2014 BeForever revamp of the Meet outfits and scored only a new skirt and sash. Josefina also missed out on the 2015 BeForever Limited Edition outfits--remember for example Kit's Chicken Keeping Outfit or Addy's Sewing Outfit? Yup, Josefina missed out on being included in a great set of Limited Edition outfits! However, finally we have hope of a new outfit for Josefina!

Rumors have it that Josefina is due for 2 new outfits this year, so crossing my fingers. I am a yes-yes-yes for all new Josefina items, sight unseen. However, this early peek is a happy surprise and will be coming home as soon as it officially debuts.