Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Contemporary Series: Jaya

Will Jaya be a poppet?

It has been forever since any dolls have been made as companion or best-friend dolls, but the Contemporary Series is rumored to consist of several characters. What we don't know yet is if that means one doll per series or multiple dolls per series.

Jaya would be an incredibly beautiful doll! Her braid is so intensely thick that it seems like she would have thick dark brown hair that cascades forever. A rival for Kanani's position of longest and most gorgeous hair?

I need to stress there has been zero indication of Jaya being a poppet--but wouldn't she be so lovely? She could be a medium dark Sonali mold or even in the Josefina or long retired Marie-Grace mold!

Her name Jaya Mitra suggests an Indian or Hindi background--could you imagine a colorful Sari in her collection? It sounds so promising yet no word yet on Jaya being a poppet vs simply a character in Tenney's story.

I have not seen her name trademarked by AG, so unfortunately that tilts my speculation against her becoming a featured Contemporary Series poppet...

Are you a Tenney or a Jaya fan? Do you hope for both to be made into poppets?

Contemporary Series: Everything We Know About Tenney Grant (Part III)

We have the biggest reveal of hints to date short of actually seeing the doll herself!

Meet Tenney!

Medium long blonde hair with waves and highlights, possible side part without bangs, probable brown eyes.

But we have so much more confirmed now with pages from her journal!

Tenney. Check. Nashville. Check. Golden Retriever. Check. Singer/songwriter. Check. Guitar. Check.

Bonus information includes the name of her best friend and that Tenney also loves the banjo. We need a banjo, AG!

The publication date for her journal is January 31st--which means nothing considering the delay between Melody's book and Melody's debut. Am I the only one that wishes Tenney would simply release on January 1st??

So why have we found so much information about Contemporary Series Tenney Grant with her vague spring release date and relatively little about GOTY Gabriela McBride with a confirmed release date of January 1, 2017? 

The scoop seems to be that Tenney was originally developed to be GOTY 2017 and thus was ready to go with doll, books, clothing and accessories. So while Tenney may be released later in the year (please don't make me wait!) her items were already well into production.

In contrast, GOTY Gabriela McBride may be playing catch-up because of the schedule and doll switch-a-roo. Which is a bit unfortunate for Gabriela since at least among some die hard AG fans there has been less build up via speculation and leaks and thus her hype is proportionally also less. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

If These Boots Could Sing!

These boots are made for fun! Could these be Tenney's boots?

I love, love, love these. Will these be part of Tenney's meet outfit? These are the kinds of boots that make me want to buy a doll just for her boots.

These could also be for GOTY Gabriela, who is also modern. But the brown color and faux suede has me leaning toward country themed singer/songwriter Tenney.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Music, Music, Music! More Tenney?

Definitely some music themes being played out! Will this be a casual outfit for our musical Tenney?

The slightly faded jeans are awesome, modern and versatile. 

The shoes remind me of Lea's hiking boots. However, I like the new color combo.

These colors and themes remind me of a tee that has not yet been released. Where does does the "Sing Your Story" tee fit in? Tenney? Or perhaps a different character?

AGPSF and the Revised TM 54 - Good News!

As I wrote in Saga's Saga, it has been difficult to find the revised TM 54 with the notched eyes both at AGPSF as well as via American Girl online ordering for the majority of the past year and a half. But no longer!

I was at AGPSF on October 29th and was able to see the revised TM 54 stocked on the shelves!

Not only was the revised poppet now stocked, but her box shows a new and bigger sticker with her # and image. I can only presume as other dolls are restocked the larger TM sticker will show up on all of the boxes.

If you have been hoping for the revised TM 54, now looks like the right time to start looking again!

Sneak Peek Bonanza!

The future is bright and bold--with possible items for GOTY 2017 Gabriella, Contemporary Character Tenney Grant, perhaps for the rumored limited edition Z-Crew doll, Maryellen and more. 

The Knit Purple Dress could be for Gabriella, the TM line, or even a PWP. No way to tell at the moment!

The sequins are strong with the Black Sequin Shift Dress--my money is on Gabriella. But such a classic "little black dress"could work for Tenney or even TM line.

The Music-Themed Dress seems like it is destined for the TM line.

Another more casual piece--the Green Jacket seems like a TM mix-and-match piece.

The Denim Shirt with lace detail pocket seems very Tenney, but it also has a Z-Crew vibe in my eyes.

Lace Shorts seem to be perfect for country themed Tenney!

Brown Shoes are fairly ho-hum but the velvet laces do spruce them up a bit. I have no idea who these might be for.

This Paisley robe has the internet buzzing--with speculations as far afield as the rumored BeForever WWII era "Pearl Harbor" doll Nanea Mitchell. I think this robe may be for a the Z-Crew girl.

Oh, Maryellen! This seems tailored for our 1950s girl from Florida--don't you?

The swimsuit/romper will likely be paired with this Flamingo Purse.

And another kitty for some poppet. Rumors pair this fuzzy pet with Gabriella.

Whew! I can't keep up!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

In-Store Exclusive: Fancy Frost Ballgown

To be released on or around November 19th in AG stores!

No word on price, but previous years this sort of exclusive holiday gown with all the accessories included has been priced in the $60 - 70 range.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Contemporary Series: Everything We Speculate About Tenney Grant (Part II)

Note! Speculations about the new Contemporary Characters Series and the character Tenney Grant are both well grounded and completely uncertain. Take everything that follows as fun speculation! See Part I here.

Could this be the start of a mix-and-match wardrobe for Tenney?

The connecting country western themes in this speculated collection are ruffles, plaids, lace and a strong presence of embroidered features, especially flowers.

Ruffles & Embroidery. The embroidered top has a country flowers theme and could belong to Tenney but also could be a Julie outfit. 

Top Stitching. The jeans skirt has shiny faux pearl snaps down the front, a very country western detail. The top stitching also adds a western flair.

Embroidered Flowers. What's not to absolutely love about these embroidered flower sandals? If not for a Tenney mix-and-match collection, these sandals would be a welcome addition to many poppet wardrobes.

Lace. This simple lace top is a late find and could be part of some other collection but I just think this could work great in Tenney's wardrobe.

Country Western. If this pleather skirt is not part of Tenney's collection (or whomever is the country western girl) I will eat those cute embroidered flowers sandals from above! The pattern work is wonderful. Note the vanity tag on the lower edge of the skirt.

Plaid. Here are the plaids in the developing color palette for Tenney (spring greens, blues, yellows) and while some speculate it will be for the rumored first AG boy character, I am still of a mind that there will be no boy and even if this is part of a boy's wardrobe that Tenney will have to steal it for her own closet.

Ruffles, Plaid and faux Embroidery. These pajamas (note vanity tag) also seem to be custom made for a country western themed Tenney Grant.

All we are missing are some amazing country western boots for an almost complete Tenney wardrobe. BOOTS, AG! Need some boots!

What do you think? Will this all be for the Contemporary Character Tenney Grant to be released sometime in 2017? Or will some/all of the above be for the rumored 2017 Gabriela McBride? Gabriela is rumored to be a tap dancer and the clothing pieces above do not seem to mesh with that sub-theme. Or maybe all of the above is simply stand alone pieces for the Truly Me line with no specific character in mind?

My take is that if there is no Tenney Grant released nexr year that one could easily create a wonderful country western girl from Tennessee with the above pieces--so it is a win no matter which way it all turns out. But doesn't Tenney sound like fun?

Dancing in the New Year

Classic pink. I love it. I suspect a spring leap for this Truly Me ensemble.

It looks like a new all-in-one ballet set rather than the current mix-n-match double set for ballet (Pretty Plie Ballet Outfit and Pretty Pink Tutu Set). I think I would rather have one nice dance ensemble rather than need to buy two. The new leotard with attached tulle skirt shows the "American Girl" vanity tag.

The silver material of the wrap and leggings looks almost identical to the material used in Isabelle's leggings. No complaints here, I would love to use this new outfit as an expansion of Isabelle's collection, which is still one of my favorites.

Looks like if you like the current ballet offerings they may be on their way out. So in with the new?