Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Contemporary Series: Jaya

Will Jaya be a poppet?

It has been forever since any dolls have been made as companion or best-friend dolls, but the Contemporary Series is rumored to consist of several characters. What we don't know yet is if that means one doll per series or multiple dolls per series.

Jaya would be an incredibly beautiful doll! Her braid is so intensely thick that it seems like she would have thick dark brown hair that cascades forever. A rival for Kanani's position of longest and most gorgeous hair?

I need to stress there has been zero indication of Jaya being a poppet--but wouldn't she be so lovely? She could be a medium dark Sonali mold or even in the Josefina or long retired Marie-Grace mold!

Her name Jaya Mitra suggests an Indian or Hindi background--could you imagine a colorful Sari in her collection? It sounds so promising yet no word yet on Jaya being a poppet vs simply a character in Tenney's story.

I have not seen her name trademarked by AG, so unfortunately that tilts my speculation against her becoming a featured Contemporary Series poppet...

Are you a Tenney or a Jaya fan? Do you hope for both to be made into poppets?

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  1. Doubt it. But then AG sure fooled me with Tenney. Was pretty sure she'd have brown hair and eyes. That she was girl in film still we saw. Gonna eyeball the blonde in the trio shot.
    Going back to Jaya, with all the new dolls coming out, and that we have 2 Sonali mold dolls being released in about 4 months time, it makes little sense to have a third. Jaya looks a lot like Josefina so a modern version of that would have been a possibility except a TM doll just like that was just released. And isn't Z showing up (Jess mold ) too? As well as Logan, the boy doll who isn't even mentioned yet. Wonder if he' ll just be an accessory like Sonali and Gwen were