Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Co-Branding? A Taylor Guitar

It is so rare to see American Girl team up with co-branding that I was surprised to notice Tenney's guitar looks to be a Taylor Guitar!

For those not familiar with guitar manufacturers, Taylor Guitar is a leading guitar company in the United States. Also note that the "Taylor" imprinted on the head stock of Tenney's teal guitar has absolutely nothing to do with Taylor Swift although Swift does play and endorse the Taylor Guitar brand.

Left is Tenney's poppet-sized guitar. Right is an image of the head stock of an actual Taylor guitar.

This seems like extremely smart co-branding--how many young girls will become aware of the Taylor Guitar brand via the toy version and associate the early memories with a brand they wish to use in the future?

Tenney Country: Stock Images

I love her whole collection!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tenney Country: Gorgeous Book Cover!

Gorgeous cover!

Photo shared with permission from @crackingthecover

I love this! I really hope she comes with a teal guitar and of course also a banjo.

One can see some of Tenney' major graphic motifs clearly on her cover--wild roses and vines in the background, roses on her guitar, and a hint of a wild rose inked or decal on the left shoulder of her blue jean vest.

I find it more and more plausible that the earring set sold for Gabriela (which includes an aqua/teal colored rose) was originally designed for Tenney. More on that in a separate post!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Ringlet for Tenney?

Tenney continues to surprise--is that a prominent ringlet feature with her wig?

While it is too early and too fuzzy to definitely claim a ringlet, note how the hair hanging out of her hairnet down her right brow looks to be a much tighter curl pattern.

Additionally, almost all the leaked frankendolls (a possible Tenney factory-seconds head + wig placed on an older doll body) seemed to have strong hints of a possible long ringlet. For example, the doll below is one such early frankendoll.

Some are comparing Tenney to Truly Me 24 but it looks like Tenney will have several differences from TM 24, and not just the ringlet.  

The original TM 24 (left) has no ringlet, line eyebrows, and brown eyes with pinwheel design. In contrast, Tenney appears to have a ringlet, her eyebrows are the new feathered design, her freckle pattern appears to be new, she is likely to have brown eyes with the iris decal pattern rather than pinwheel pattern, and of course her hand molds are completely new. 

Not your average TM 24.

First Look: Tenney Grant

Leaked on Facebook Marketplace in Madison, Wisconsin.

She comes in the hideous new box style that debuted with Gabriela.

Tenney's meet is her Sing Your Story tee, which I am so pleased about, primarily because it means I won't have to hunt it down on the secondary market if it had been a giveaway tee. She also is wearing the fabulous ankle boots and embossed pleather skirt, two more of my favorite separates. While not in love with the sleeveless denim jacket, it does seem to add mix-and-match value to Tenney's meet outfit.

New hands! I think AG got it right--subtle change in mold without adding joints to her arm or wrist.

The poppet's left hand looks to be slightly more open than the classic hand mold to accommodate the neck of a banjo or guitar and her right hand mold is slightly more closed to imitate strumming fingers or perhaps even hold a pick. If you look closely at the book images (left of front box inset pix and her full-sized book cover peaking out from behind her legs) you can see her right hand posed in the strumming/picking position.

Her guitar color on the cover of her book is teal. Oh I hope and wish!!!

My quick assessment is I absolutely detest the box and I can't forgive AG for what they have done to Gabriela and Tenney with the awful box. I hope Tenney's other clothing is not ruined by being sewn into terrible boxes. However, because of Tenney's unique hands and what is rumored to be her unique musical accessories to fit in those hands--banjo and guitar--I am a gonner.

I can imagine Tenney's body might become a hit to use as a base for new custom dolls....

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poppets & Pets: A GOTY Infographic

Perhaps for the first time anywhere, all the GOTY poppets and their major pets and animals.

New year, new resolution--I am organizing my AG collection using as many KonMari principles as possible.

I already know all my poppets themselves "spark joy" but the entire hoard of accessories does not necessarily spark joy for me-- but how to reduce? After literally a year pondering my AG "komono" category I have sparked upon the idea to let my poppet characters decide if they want to claim an item or not. If an item is not claimed or assigned to a specific poppet it will go in the sell or donate pile. I am sure a few items will stay just because I love it and not because it will be assigned to a specific poppet.

First up is gathering the pets to see who will claim them! The infographic chart above will help me connect my GOTY pets to the GOTY characters. Note I do not own all of the GOTY dolls!

Next up I will need to make a BeForever infographic with poppets and pets. However, after that I still have many TM pets and animals that will be looking to be officially claimed by my core set of dolls.

How do you handle your collection once it outgrows your walls?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Gabriela's Meet Outfit for Separate Purchase!

Did you already have a TM 46 which is Gabriela's doppleganger? Now an easy way to make your own Gabriela or get her outfit for any of your own poppets.