Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day News! Spring Rumors and Releases

Happy Groundhog Day! The critter has officially predicted spring is on the way without delay!

Lea's Three-Toed Sloth was the closest I had to a murmeltier (aka groundhog) to share all the following happy news! Groundhog Day was one of my favorite holidays as a young child--no fuss, just fun songs and crafts about a magical critter who could predict the coming of spring. So how fitting to talk today about all the coming arrivals at American Girl.

Rumored for February 11th at American Girl is the spring release. Social media has reported Truly Me additions of an Ice Cream Stand and Sprinkles Outfit and other summer/sporting outfits. While we will be soon saying an official goodbye to the Bitty Twins, the Bitty Baby line will be getting several spring items during this release. Stay tuned to Poppets & Posies for an AGPSF in-store report!

Looking further ahead, coming March 1st will be Lea Clark's third book, Lea and Camila.

Rumored for sometime this late-spring or early summer will be a NEW line of 16" dolls by American Girl called Wellie-Wishers. Small leaks has led many to believe that Wellie-Wishers will be similar in size (tall and slender) to an earlier line of dolls from AG called Hopscotch Hill. Will this be the doll line in which we finally see the rumored "little brother" doll?

However, what we will not be seeing in the spring release are any BeForever "Limited Edition" outfits and we will have to wait until summer for both Melody and any more Lea Clark outfits or accessories.

And finally, to follow up on an earlier blog post, I received my big Lea purchase--but it is still sitting packed inside of the shipping box. The unboxing will surely be soon! I would have loved to have opened it last month but life and the winter flu temporarily derailed my plans. What is now needed is little bit of Lea sunshine!

Have you heard any other spring rumors? What do you hope to see this spring at AG?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Side by Side: Lea's Rainforest House vs Kit's Tree House

Thank you to Forever Friends Dolls for their side-by-side comparison photo of Lea's Rainforest House and Kit's Tree House!

The two structures are similar in overall size, and while Lea's Rainforest House is slightly smaller overall it offers nearly double the useable and accessible play space inside because of the fully open front. Additionally, the height for the Rainforest House was utilized for a high sleeping loft bed rather than for the cute illusion of the Tree House being up in tree branches.

Kit's Tree House was retired in 2011 and for its price of $250 came with a chandelier, a lantern, photos and a cute bucket on a rope.

In contrast, Lea's Rainforest House is $395 but comes with a hammock, an outdoor oven with many cooking and eating accessories, a table and chair, a woven storage basket, a shower unit with a towel and soap, a moveable loft bed, mattress, blanket, pillow, a tablet, lantern, wind chime, paper butterflies, one frog and a colorful parrot.

I have loved the idea of finding Kit's Tree House for the longest time, but inch for inch, the design of Lea's Rainforest House plus its plethora of clever accessories makes it the five-star option for exciting play. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Whole World Price Tags (Updated Version)

Poppets & Posies has updated its infographic with the corrected total for Lea's current collection. The biggest change is that her Rainforest House retails for a mere $395 verses the pre-release rumored price tag of $500.

The current total for Lea's Whole World is not likely to remain at $1130, but other than a festive embroidered white and green dress with a gold belt, no other images have yet leaked for her anticipated mid-summer release.

The Embroidered Eye: New Changes for AG Pets?

With little notice or fanfare, BeForever Kit Kittredge's dog Grace has been modified from having plastic eyes to embroidered eyes.

This appears to have been a switch sometime in 2015, but I only noticed because of my recent purchase of Grace the dog. AG's website still shows images of Grace having the older style with the plastic eyes.

The wrinkles and ruffles throughout Grace's face and neck are all adorable still.

Many of the pets and animals are being quietly added or updated to embroidered eyes. Samantha's original Jip had plastic eye but the more recent Jip II has embroidered eyes. The new unreleased bunny (stay tuned!) will have embroidered eyes.

The response to this change seems to be split. However, I will confess that I only jumped in to buy Grace the dog last week because I was always secretly creeped out by the overly stern glare of her plastic beady eyes. The embroidered eyes are much more doleful.

In fact, I only ordered Grace recently on a swap board because the seller had snapped a picture and I thought "Wow! A sweet and doleful looking Grace!" not realizing the picture looked different because I was looking at the new version with embroidered eyes! Only after she arrived at my home and I was able to examine her closely did I realize the change. 

New embroidered eyes for Grace are an A+ for me. 

Stock Report: Lea's Rainforest House vs. Fruit Stand

Will Lea's big ticket items of the Rainforest House and Fruit Stand become so popular as to go into backorder status online? Or will AG stay ahead of the demand? The pieces look to be popular considering how the AG stores are having problems keeping them on the shelves in their stores.

All week the Rainforest House and Fruit Stand have been out of stock in-store at about half of the locations nationwide. The above chart is a snapshot from Saturday, January 9th, mid-afternoon. How will things look in-store once the weekend shoppers have left on Sunday night?

The ongoing unavailability of Lea's Rainforest House and Fruit Stand at the San Francisco store has pushed me to make a rare online order for one of the pieces above. Can you guess which one?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Melody's Melody: Never Stop Singing

Thanks to a head's up from one of Poppet & Posies readers (thank you, EsDolls!), I was able to find an image of the book cover for Melody's second book, Never Stop Singing.

This confirms that Melody's Flower Peplum Dress is part of her collection. Accessories seem to be off-white or pale beige sandals and a pink hair bow!

But the cover also could be clues to other accessories in Melody's collection--a microphone and stand! While a drum set or piano is possible as well, I would not be certain how well those would sell, especially if Melody is primary a singer and not an instrumentalist.

Melody's Medley: Flower Peplum Dress?

So many months until summer, so many tantalizing possibilities for Melody's wardrobe. Is the 1960's pink flower print a clue that this dress will be for Melody?

The sleeveless dress features a pleated peplum over a pencil skirt and a bow at the waistline. I imagine a a tasteful pill box hat, gloves and dressy shoes would make this a perfect dress for Melody to wear while singing a solo at church.