Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mini Tenney Doll - New Photos

I really like the look of Mini Tenney and was happy to see more candids of the doll today.

Mini Tenney comes in her meet outfit but without the sleeveless jean jacket--I am sure it is a cost issue and I am not bothered by it not being included. Though it would have been cute I would be tempted to re-dress the mini anyhow.

I have had mixed feelings about AG Mini dolls. We have Mini Josefina, Mini Caroline, Mini Grace, Mini Samantha (BF) and Mini Rebecca (BF) and I think half are cute and the other half a bit too bucked-toothed and awkward looking. Sorry mini girls! But I like the look of Mini Tenney so I think she will be joining our household.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Truly Me Customizable Dolls

This is everywhere already on social media! Love It or Pass?

Me? Pass for now. My friends? A mix of both Love It and Pass.

I have such a full house of poppets that customization is not a priority or needed. Doubly so if the Customized Doll line is perma-panty. However, I could see doing a full 180 on this if the perma-panty and other quality issues were straightened out. How about you?

The Backside of the Story

Remember the "B" side of vinyl albums?

With all the rolling changes in the cloth torso construction and design it is now the new normal to take a look at the backside of the dolls to note any changes.

For my Tenney and Logan dolls it was not so much the construction or design of the torso that changed but for one doll, the fabric itself.

My Tenney doll, bought on debut day, features the familiar classic cloth torso with backside horizontal darts for a rounded firm shape. Her cloth is the familiar course weave.

My Logan doll, also bought on debut day, features the classic torso design with horizontal darts--but the fabric seems slightly different. The end of the dart (the furthest point from the vertical center seam) actually puckers and is more pointy with the new fabric and gives Logan's side-cheeks a less rounded shape and transition around the side. 

Upon inspection, the Logan fabric seems slicker and closer to a polyester feel as well as potentially thinner though I make no claims on the comparative strength or longevity between the two fabrics. (Note the color variation in the two photos is more due to camera lighting issues.)

Most noticeable is that instead of the clearly defined cross-hatched weave of Tenney's torso (left) Logan's weave is much tighter.

I did a quick comparison between Tenney and one of my more recent dolls, Samantha who was bought in 2013. Tenney's fabric weave and weight matches my Samantha doll's torso fabric. Logan's fabric is something new.

Late addition: Several people on other boards are identifying the new fabric being used as polished cotton broadcloth which is what OG seems to use. Consensus is that this fabric is less durable.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tenney and Logan Homecoming

Fun at AGPSF at the Tenney and Logan debut!

And at the end of all of and returning with us home is... tah-dah!

I was surprised it all fit in the one America Girl shopping bag. The majority of the purchase today was Tenney and Logan and accessories, but Kit and Maryellen also each got a new outfit as well. 

While Tenney was planned, I honestly did not make the final decision to purchase Logan until this morning as my husband and I drove together to the store. I was talking out loud in the car about the pros and cons of getting Logan, the two main set of issues being "I don't need a Logan. I am already buying a lot today. I could live with not getting a Logan." vs "Logan may not be around long. He's pretty special being the first boy. I think he would make a great manager (not canon, renamed, etc.) for Tenney's career."

So after all this babbling I turned to my husband as he was driving and asked him straight up if I should get Logan. He just smiled and chuckled and said yes, I probably should get Logan. Lol.

There are more outfits I hope to get for Tenney and Logan, especially the unreleased outfits seen in some of the American Girl marketing materials. Logan needs the bomber jacket and Tenney needs that black sequin dress!

Look at those cute faces! I can't wait to get them out of their boxes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Tenney Country Countdown!

Less than 12 hours until Tenney and Logan and Felicity GO LIVE!!

Wednesday 5:02PM CST

Felicity images used by permission of owner

Wednesday 4:51PM CST

Early look at Kit's Mini Golf Dress--it comes in a real box with tissues! Thank you, Joy Coomer!

Wednesday 2:44PM CST

More stock images and scenes keep appearing!

I am curious to find out the price of Tenney's Teal Guitar. I was guessing $48, but then in AG's Live Presentation on Facebook yesterday it seemed the guitar also plays a recorded song and that has me mentally bumping up the price even higher. 

Wednesday 2:40PM CST

Poppets & Posies plans to be at the American Girl Store tomorrow to enjoy the debut, take pictures, and melt her credit cards from overuse.

Keep tuned! Any and all late breaking news will be added to this post.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tenney Mini Doll

I am not in love with the clothing quality other than the tee but the doll does look like she could be cute.

It looks to me looks like the skirt has been accidentally placed on backwards. The full sized doll has the pleats (which flare out the skirt) facing to the front and the flat side facing to the back but the mini seems to have that reversed. So the outfit may look marginally better if the skirt was put on properly.

I do like her face--though in the picture above her painted teeth are off-centered and the mini may be a factory second. However, I think a "factory first" Tenney mini will eventually make her way to our home.

Tenney & Me Matching Outfits?

This may just be a photoshoot advert of no consequence, but it looks like a matching Tenney Meet Outfit for Girls. Sweet!