Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Puppy for Tenney Grant

Now this is an adorable plushie pup! This rose adorned pup is surely for our Tenney.

To be fair, it is hardly a difficult trail to sleuth at this point. But for fun, here is my official documentation of the clues so far.

First, one must note that Tenney's Journal is stenciled with large fully open roses, both on its cover and in its interior pages. I believe one of Tenney's motifs will be roses, the same way we saw hearts and bows as reoccurring motifs for Grace or the compass symbol for Lea. While Tenney is not officially a GOTY, she was originally designated a GOTY and thus we keep seeing these lovely touches in her collection.

The pup also features a collar adorned with two fully opened roses, a dark rose and a smaller magenta open tucked behind it.

For further confirmation, inside the journal, one of Tenney's entries shares that she has a golden retriever named Waylon.

And finally, though the earliest clue, a golden retriever was prominently featured on Tenney's "On the Set" video photo montage posted by American Girl on Instagram. 

AG posted the photo montage for just a short period of time and I was fortunate enough to have seen them live and to have screen capture them. Above is the golden retriever and two more from the set I put together as a collage. 

While on the on the set image above AG refers to the golden retriever as "Woodford," it seems plausible it is his code name for the eventual Waylon or it is a close variation that changed over production/development of the doll, book and movie.

I love the pup!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gabriela McBride: "Dream" Meet Outfit

So close! Still looking for her purple "Dream" tee.

Gabriela's meet is a casual dance-wear inspire ensemble. A crop-top purple tee emblazoned with "Dream," a sleeveless teal tank top, stretch-denim styled jeans, and purple-and-teal shoes. The colors are great and the shoes adorable.

I will have to admit both to finding this a pretty plain meet outfit for a GOTY and that this outfit is growing on me. The mix-and-match potential is high.

Note the fabric style vanity tag with "American Girl" on the teal tank. This furthers my suspicion that many objects tagged in such a way are more likey to be for Gabriela as GOTY. Though it seems plausible that Contemporary Series Tenney's clothing is also being fabric tagged the same way. Which leaves the hard plastic clear oval tags for the more generic Truly Me line.

Who doesn't need the perfect pair of jeans?

I am so interested to see some of Gabriela's hobby accessories. What might a girl who is a poet and dancer need to support her activities? Duffle bag? A laptop? She seems cool--how about a poppet sized iPhone 7, lol?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Gabriela by Teresa E. Harris

"Gabby loves expressing herself—especially in the dance studio—but lately, poetry is becoming her art form of choice, and for good reason: Gabby struggles with stuttering, and spoken word poetry helps her speech flow more freely. Still, compared to how confident she feels on the dance floor, speaking up can be scary. When the city threatens to close her beloved community arts center, Gabby is determined to find a way to help. Can she harness the power of her words and rally her community to save Liberty Arts?"

The Thing for Spring: Plaids!

Plaid is plainly going to be making a splash this this spring. Another plaid shirt has shown up, this time in black and grey.

Find discussion for the Pink Plaid Pajamas here and for the Green and Blue Plaid Shirt here.

This black and grey plaid shirt sports a feminine front yoke and also has the clear plastic "American Girl" vanity tag on the lower right hem. Truly Me or Tenney?

Or perhaps the new Contemporary Series line will merge much more seamlessly with the Truly Me line overall where Truly Me clothes will look like they would and could be worn by Tenney but also be generic enough to be worn by any and all of the Truly Me dolls? 

I imagine that the "named" vanity tags associated with Girl of the Year with an actual character's name on the vanity tag (Isabelle, Saige and Lea's collections featured this heavily) may have depressed sales for some cute outfits because of specific names like "Isabelle" being embroidered and tagged all over the pieces. 

The use of a more generic tag might encourage wider sales of the clothing rather than have a piece associated with just one named doll. Just speculation at this point but I have definitely been puzzling over the different kinds of vanity tags being employed in the upcoming releases.

Pajamas Puzzle!

Pajamas for whom?

Gabriela? Tenney? Or perhaps a new Truly Me release for this spring?

Part of me thinks this is a Truly Me release--the clear hard plastic vanity tag may be a hint in that direction.

I am a bit surprised by the hot air balloon theme because it reminds me so much of GOTY Saige's theme. However, purple might not be the best color for Saige so I don't think I would adopt this outfit for her. (I need to see if any of my other poppets might be interested in this set.)

Cute print on the pajamas pants, but my favorite part is the colorful slippers with embroidered flowers. (I sort of wish the the pajamas had just stuck with the flowers theme.)

Cute slippers. So cute.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tenney Country: Boots of Distinction

Are these the boots we have been waiting for?

These sparkle boots just scream TENNEY in bright lights and glitter. I have been waiting for a distinctive pair of boots for Tenney as it seemed inconceivable for singer-songwriter country music poppet would be created without a proper pair of boots.

Perhaps these boots will pair with the lace top and glitter-tulle skirt in soft peach.

The headband also has glitter like the boots and the band itself a soft peachty color,

I feel like we've probably seen most of Tenney's clothing now, though several items that originally thought of hers I am mentally moving to different categories. Namely the black sequin dress is probably for Gabriela (but Tenney will want it anyhow).

But those boots! They make me giggle and a little bit giddy. I can imagine pairing them in the most ludicrous ways with other outfits.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

American Boy! The Case for Logan Everett

It's a boy!

It's happening!

The case is growing loud and actual for AG to release its first 18" boy doll named Logan Everett.

The speculation on the many social media platforms is that Logan Everett will be American Girl's first 18" boy doll to be released as part of the new modern Contemporary Series on February 9, 2017 along with Tenney Grant.

Logan is a friend of Tenney and both play in the same music (country music?) band together. Logan is a drummer while Tenney is a singer-songwriter whose primary instruments are guitar and banjo.

Both Logan and Tenney will have a new hand mold that allows them to hold their instruments. There are mixed rumors over whether this also means jointed hands or wrists.

Logan will have a drum set as an accessory. Tenney a guitar and banjo. (Squeeeee!)

While Tenney is blonde, Logan will have brown hair.

Looking for more clues to confirm Logan's arrival...

I originally thought this plaid shirt would be for Tenney and dismissed the anomaly of the shirt buttoning left-over-right which is traditionally shirts for men and boys fasten. I assumed it was a prototype mistake. But what if this is a shirt for Logan? An actual "boy" shirt?

Well, my next objection would be the vanity tag of "American Girl" on the lower hem. However, this photo could still be of a prototype and a tag of "American Boy" could be substituted (see Trademarks above) or AG could still just stick with "American Girl" and let Logan cope.

I also thought the Play Loud! Tee was for Tenney, but look at that fully kitted out drum set! Perhaps a band tee for Logan?

Wow! I can't wait for more details!