Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summertime Review: Skateboarding Set (2014-

AG has released new summertime play outfits for the dolls. In the spirit of trying something new, Lilja (#55) has taken up the longboard.

The Skateboarding Set includes a sporty jersey dress with a mock tee, jersey leggings, high-top sneakers, and a skateboard. The set also includes stickers (for the skateboard) and a rectangle "Brave" charm. (Hairbands not included.)

The jersey dress has a drop waist and a darling mock cowl at the neckline.

The jersey leggings feature a star motif on the right leg.

The faux-leather is soft and flexible and the high-tops are lined with soft fabric. It took only minimal effort to slip these shoes onto Lilja's feet.

The top side of the skateboard has a realistic rough texture for grip. The board has flexibility throughout the belly of the board and even is capable of tilting slightly side to side like a "real" skateboard.

The underneath reveals a fairly realistic "wheels and trucks" construction.

The AG designers added an elastic strap to use during play. This is a nice touch for active play, though it is quite possible to pose a doll without using the strap.

Lilja shows off her ability to balance on her new longboard!

If I had any one criticism, it would be that the set does not include a safety helmet. The only option in the store at the moment for a helmet is the "Skates & Gear" set, which consists of inline skates, guards, and a helmet. The helmet from that set does reasonably coordinate colorwise, but it is not an exact match to the Skateboarding Set.

Overall, the design, construction, and playability of the Skateboarding Set are all top notch:  A+. The skateboard is very realistic and the outfit is a daring and new design.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Storage Solutions!

As an AG collector, I am certain that I love the process of storing and organizing my collection as much as the dolls themselves. As my collection grows, I have to continually strategize how to store all of the dresses, shoes and accessories. I am fortunate to have some closet space (and two armoires) that I am actively converting into storage space for my collection.

The largest of these spaces is a spare office closet.

I installed and painted the wooden shelves myself. My sister assisted me in measuring and installing all of the smaller sized wooden rods and metal cups.

The wooden hangers are from and were a great investment. Surprisingly, their cost is on par with the prices that AG charges for their plastic hangers.

The left side of the closet hides a giant stack of mini plastic drawers (by Sterilite). The tower is surprisingly stable, as it is supported on two sides by the closet walls.

The mini drawers are a brilliant find by my sister. Each individual drawer fits on average one outfit, such as a set of pajamas with slippers. 

I also use these to store outfits and accessories which do not store well on a hanger, such as swimming suits, towels and accessories.

I was able to store the majority of Isabelle's leotards, tutus, shoes and accessories in three sets of mini drawers plus her dance case.

Finally the right side of the closet has a hidden wooden rod for extra hanger space. I may also put a few hooks on the blank wall space above in order to hang some hats or other items.