Thursday, April 27, 2017

All-Z: A Z-tastic Movie Trailer

A full trailer for Z's summer camp themed movie, Summer Camp, Friends for Life.

When S.T.E.A.M. summer camp isn’t what they had hoped for, Z and Paz meet an enchanting camp “counselor” named Jordan who sends them on a mind-blowing adventure, opening their eyes to a world of infinite possibilities – including making a new friend, Drew.

This Amazon special is coming soon--June 9th! This one looks extra cute!

Seattle, Z and Sydney!

The amazing Sydney, aka @5hensandacockatiel, has had her photography featured in a short filmette by American Girl. So many fun thing to see with her work, not to mention her positive and encouraging personality.

An eagle eye might have seen a hint of a possible later release outfit for Z, which Sydney is seen photographing in the short film. Some screen shots of the Sydney, Z, and the possible new Rain Outfit!

Congrats, Sydney! Your work is amazing and how can we not be swept up in your enthusiasm for Z?

Popcorn and Potato Chips: Z's Debut

It is a gorgeous day in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was a perfect day for a perfect drive in perfect spring weather (sunshine!) to American Girl Place San Francisco.

I went to AGPSF knowing I probably would bring home the poppet girl Z, Popcorn and the Filming Accessories...

The store was understandably quiet for a Thursday morning, though I saw a few mother-and-daughter/s visiting the store and lingering over Z's display.

Z's main display area was pretty compact. The four-cube kiosk held her entire collection.

So Z was cute as expected. In some ways I was underwhelmed by the four-cube display. I think we are used to large character debuts like for Tenney or a BeForever consisting of 5+ outfits and at least one giant display piece like Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room or Maryellen's 1950s Diner Set.

But in spite of the more compact size of the collection, like many prior new character doll debuts, I find I react to the whole venture like potato chips... you can't stop at one.

Remember, the idea was to pick up Z, Popcorn and the Filming Accessories...

Here's what came home! What's in the big red bag? What's that huge box under the bag?

I can't wait to play with the Desk Set!

The Desk Set comes in a utilitarian cardboard box that can be used directly for shipping--but it is now a bright red and displays a huge image of what is inside. Don't count on being able to mail order this item and have your children (or husband) unaware of its contents! (This new non-discreet packaging style is noted on AG's website as well.)

Poppet Z, Popcorn and Filming Accessories came home with us today. But also her Accessory Set (white jacket, hat, scarf, and funky orange glasses) and that fun Desk Set.

I just love looking at a new poppet still in her box!

No new name for Poppet Z just yet but we heartily welcome her to her forever home!

Who and what will be coming home this spring for you?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An All-Z Countdown and Celebration!

Wednesday 3:00PM

According to social media, Z is temporarily sold out on Amazon from pre-orders!

No word when Amazon will restock--but it may mean people will need to order directly from AG for now.

Tuesday 10:35PM

Just 24 hours until Z's official debut!

We will be featuring all Z all the rest of the week and weekend, so check the updates here as they develop!

First up--Z is available for pre-order on Amazon. Order quick for debut day home delivery!

Additionally, Z's "perma-panty" status is all but confirmed in the fine print. Note there is no note of her outfit ensemble including underwear, which means they are absent (lol) but more likely permanently attached as part of her fabric torso construction.

Nanea's Fluff of a Pup

Who is this scruffy new friend?

Photos used courtesy of and with permission by @adoreamericangirladult

This pup seems to be Nanea's pet, as featured on the front cover of her second book, Hula for the Home Front. Thanks to @adoreamericangirladult we get an up close view of this fuzzy guy!

It looks to be a terrier mix, perhaps with a shade of poodle? A yorkie-poo? The dog has embroidered eyes, though is mostly a mop of grey and off-white fur.

The pup comes with a brown tone collar.

Even though the pup is more fur than form, I think he's adorable. Then again, I have two yorkies and this little guy reminds me of them just a bit.

Does this pup come home with you, too?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Nanea Book Covers!

These are beautiful!

Credit for finding these stock images go to American Girl Wiki as well as American Girl Doll News for pointing her viewers to AG Wiki!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

BeForever News: Aloha! Nanea

Nanea Mitchell won't be released until August 24th, but we are learning more and more about her character and story. In case you have not seen the book descriptions yet for Nanea!

What do you think will be part of Nanea's collection based on her story? Speculations below...

Looking at Nanea's story descriptions...

"Dip in her paddle"

The ocean waters are likely a big part of her culture and her lifestyle. I feel that AG has done the kayak thing rather recently--maybe some something more indigenous related like a double-canoe? (For that matter, has AG ever done a canoe of any sort? I would love to see a BeForever Native American with a canoe!)

"Grandparents' market" & "Victory Garden"

Food items and settings seem to be a big hit at AG--perhaps a vegetable/fruit/food stall? How about gardening supplies--that would be adorable!

"Nanea turns to hula"

I would be shocked if Nanea does not get a hula outfit!

"Back to School"

Almost every BeForever doll has school supplies--it seems likely to see something school-themed for Nanea. Lunch box? Books? Recess play items?

So what will be Nanea's Big Ticket Item? A Market Stall would be an easy guess--but I am hoping to be more surprised by something unique. 

What do you want to see as part of Nanea's collection?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wow! Winter Holiday 2017

And now for something completely different!

I need this! I see the AG star at the neck and it is listed as AG--but I have no idea if it for the TM line, the WW line, or just a cute stuffed holiday themed animal. It is listed as 25 cm tall (approximately 10 in) so it is a bit small for the TM line but probably just right for WW.

AG might have missed on a few of the recent pets in terms of wonky faces (Gabriela's cat Maya and even Melody's dog Bo), but this reindeer is super cute.

And more holiday fun below!

Sequins! I love sequins.

This outfit seems like standard TM Holiday Dress fare, but I also think Nashville star Tenney would look adorable in this.

ETA: An eagle eye spied that the holiday dress is made of a mishmash of materials from past released dresses and outfits--so is this a random prototype or perhaps another PWP for the holiday season?

Are you ready for Holidays 2017!? I can't wait!

Expected release for these items would be in the September/October time frame. Both are a big yes from me--which is exciting since in 2016 I bought zero of AG's TM Holiday Dresses.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Z's Whole World

Z's Accessories!

Indigo has stock photos and descriptions of Z and her world!

Z has some interesting accessories. Her big ticket item seems to be Z's Desk Set.

It looks like the desk will fold into a compact form when closed, which is very nice. However, I don't neeeeeed any of these items. The laptop is cute, but I am concerned it will be the more flimsy plastic construction like Gabriela's laptop. The tech spotlight is amazing, though. But I can't see myself clear to buy the whole desk set for just one accessory. Maybe secondary market?

The description indicates it is a wooden armoire (nice!) and the note board is magnetic. Ack. The stage light doubles as a desk lamp and the light actually works with the included batteries. Oh my! 

However, her next item...

Z's Filming Accessories neeeeeds to comes home on day one. Even though guaranteed to be all plastic, I think these filming items are just adorable. Very cute!

Accessory set comes with a tripod, 35mm camera and strap camcorder, smartphone with five interchangeable screens and a small backpack.

And her final big accessory...

Z's Scooter is just a bit silly to me. What do you think? I don't see it as a very hip bike/scooter for kids, young or old. Or am I missing something here? A total pass for me. I can't imagine AG ordered up a large supply of these.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Z in the Wild! First Look

Z has been spotted in her box with author Jen Calonita. Picture shared with permission!

So now we know her meet is the purple tee and grey skirt. However, according to Jen Calonita on her Instagram account Z does not appear to come with her orange glasses nor did she spy them inside her box. My guess is the orange glasses will come with an accessory set (scarf, glasses and hat??).

It also looks like Z comes with the notched eyes and not simply the almond shaped eyes without notches.

No word on perma-panties yet!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tenney & Taylor: A Perfect Duo

Tenney's Accessories which features her poppet-sized guitar is amazing! AG teamed up with Taylor guitars and everyone wins.

Tenney's guitar is just too beautiful. The flowers and bird stencil design on the front of the guitar over the gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue is stunning. I could stare at and enjoy this lovely design forever. 

I have the guitar propped up on the guitar/accessory stand from her Stage & Dressing Room set. The stand also works with her banjo (and her tambourine), so I bought a second stand from the secondary market so both my mini stringed instruments has a safe display option.

The wires are metallic and make a little plink when touched. The tuning pegs turn though do not tune the strings.

The three buttons each play a separate tune when pressed. I loved this guitar even before this amazing feature. The tunes are authentic and kudos to the artist and team who composed and chose this set of tunes for the guitar.

Batteries required! An on/off switch on the left back can help from accidental play, though each tune self-stops after playing its own tune.

The mini guitar by AG is $34, which is a fraction of what the girl-sized American Girl GS Mini by Taylor is selling for...

In all honesty, if I played the guitar or even just had aspirations to learn how to play the guitar, I would already be trying to figure out how to bring this gorgeous full-sized guitar home with me.

Or if I had an eight-year-old daughter (mine is grown) or an eight-year-old granddaughter (none yet) this would be on my spring fling list of gifts to buy. 

Well done, AG and Taylor! I hope the sales are robust and we might see similar collaborations in the future.

While I must pass on the larger guitar, the poppet-sized guitar is home with us and well loved!

For all the worries and disappointments over the recent drop in the quality of construction and materials of the AG 18" dolls, this guitar (and its mate, the beautiful banjo) is amazing and showcases everything that originally made me an AG fanatic--excellent, realistic details and gorgeous design. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hat's Adorable!

A new springtime dress and hat--too adorable.

Ana's dress is by Elite Doll World and her hat and necklace by American Girl. I give the dress by EDW an A+++ and the same for the hat and necklace!

This is also my first time fully setting up the Stage & Dressing Room and it makes a delightful backdrop for photography.

The necklace is simple but spot on. It coordinates perfectly with her bracelet.

This poppet has very striking and bright face paint coloring but I am becoming enamored by her unique look.

Happy girl!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Popcorn and Fun--More Sneaks of Z

Photo sneaks of Z and her dog Popcorn shared with permission!

Popcorn in her box--love her little magnetic film clipboard.

Back of Popcorn's box. Look at the camera Z is wearing! I like it.

Cute and Comfy Outfit--a plaid shirt and stretch pants. Will the shoes be sold seperately?

Her full "Street" music dress ensemble with a graphic tank.

Pretty sure this will be her Meet!