Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Forward and Catching Up on Zzzzzzzz!

I love my AG poppets but not necessarily all the rapid changes happening at AG. With so many changes as well as a flood of new products this spring and more to come I needed to catch my breath and assess where I am headed with my collection.

The next big thing will be the new character doll Z, slated to debut April 27.

Her first book, The Real Z, will be available a few days earlier via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more on April 25th.

But for all we do know there is quite a bit still to wonder and speculate about Z.

Will she have notched eyes or simply almond eyes? The promotional materials and displays show her with both versions.

Which outfit will be her meet? Most speculate it will be the outfit above, but there are other outfits now fully leaked. The sport-themed dress below is part of one of Z's mix-and-match styled outfits.

The photo of Z wearing this dress pairs it with a grey graphical tank, a teal scarf, and orange or lavender canvas tennis shoes.

Will Z come with perma-panties?

Will Z have squishy vinyl?

Will Z be an Amazon exclusive?

I do love the poppet but not sure about her collection. Will be keeping an eye out for more news on Z!

Click on the "Z" page up top to catch all the new and old news about this newest poppet.


  1. I hope she comes in the blue "smile" shirt with the white jean jacket! It is adorable! Thanks for posting these pictures of her!

  2. Replies
    1. It is on American Girl's website in the Play > Characters section!