Friday, April 21, 2017

Nanea Book Covers!

These are beautiful!

Credit for finding these stock images go to American Girl Wiki as well as American Girl Doll News for pointing her viewers to AG Wiki!


  1. These covers are SO pretty! I love seeing all of Nanea's collection slowly starting to come out! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to add her to my collection!

  2. They are REALLY pretty! I don't like the doll too much, but these covers really change my opinion of her, I'm a bit excited for her release now!

  3. The covers are very nice. I like books 2 and 3 best. Her smile and eyes look more natural. My grampa was a photographer and he's always tell me not to "smile so hard." It makes you look unnatural. That's what I see on book one, oversmiling. It happens. We all do it now and then, but compared to two and three...still a lovely addition to the line.

  4. Oahu Hawaii is the only place I've been to in the USA, so Nanea is really getting my interest. Admittedly I went there 70+ years later than her story, but Diamond Head (book 1) is still there, The pink hotel (book 2) is still there. Beside that part I think she is a really cute doll, and the Feb 14 surprise announcement made my day.
    I so hope the doll is everything we love about American Girl.
    I might even read her books.