Thursday, April 27, 2017

Popcorn and Potato Chips: Z's Debut

It is a gorgeous day in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was a perfect day for a perfect drive in perfect spring weather (sunshine!) to American Girl Place San Francisco.

I went to AGPSF knowing I probably would bring home the poppet girl Z, Popcorn and the Filming Accessories...

The store was understandably quiet for a Thursday morning, though I saw a few mother-and-daughter/s visiting the store and lingering over Z's display.

Z's main display area was pretty compact. The four-cube kiosk held her entire collection.

So Z was cute as expected. In some ways I was underwhelmed by the four-cube display. I think we are used to large character debuts like for Tenney or a BeForever consisting of 5+ outfits and at least one giant display piece like Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room or Maryellen's 1950s Diner Set.

But in spite of the more compact size of the collection, like many prior new character doll debuts, I find I react to the whole venture like potato chips... you can't stop at one.

Remember, the idea was to pick up Z, Popcorn and the Filming Accessories...

Here's what came home! What's in the big red bag? What's that huge box under the bag?

I can't wait to play with the Desk Set!

The Desk Set comes in a utilitarian cardboard box that can be used directly for shipping--but it is now a bright red and displays a huge image of what is inside. Don't count on being able to mail order this item and have your children (or husband) unaware of its contents! (This new non-discreet packaging style is noted on AG's website as well.)

Poppet Z, Popcorn and Filming Accessories came home with us today. But also her Accessory Set (white jacket, hat, scarf, and funky orange glasses) and that fun Desk Set.

I just love looking at a new poppet still in her box!

No new name for Poppet Z just yet but we heartily welcome her to her forever home!

Who and what will be coming home this spring for you?


  1. What a great day! She's adorable. The desk is the kind of thing I hope my dd wants so I can play with it too! I know she'll be getting the film accessories. Shipping boxes with photos on them, no! Think of all the surprises ruined! I'm not understanding that.

  2. I guess AG isn't planning on selling that desk for Christmas!

    1. Haha! I think many parents will miss the fine print on the website and be shocked when the big red box with the AG star logo and the giant picture of Z and her Desk Set show up on their porches.