Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Z's Accessories!

Indigo has stock photos and descriptions of Z and her world!

Z has some interesting accessories. Her big ticket item seems to be Z's Desk Set.

It looks like the desk will fold into a compact form when closed, which is very nice. However, I don't neeeeeed any of these items. The laptop is cute, but I am concerned it will be the more flimsy plastic construction like Gabriela's laptop. The tech spotlight is amazing, though. But I can't see myself clear to buy the whole desk set for just one accessory. Maybe secondary market?

The description indicates it is a wooden armoire (nice!) and the note board is magnetic. Ack. The stage light doubles as a desk lamp and the light actually works with the included batteries. Oh my! 

However, her next item...

Z's Filming Accessories neeeeeds to comes home on day one. Even though guaranteed to be all plastic, I think these filming items are just adorable. Very cute!

Accessory set comes with a tripod, 35mm camera and strap camcorder, smartphone with five interchangeable screens and a small backpack.

And her final big accessory...

Z's Scooter is just a bit silly to me. What do you think? I don't see it as a very hip bike/scooter for kids, young or old. Or am I missing something here? A total pass for me. I can't imagine AG ordered up a large supply of these.


  1. While reading your thoughts on Z's desk I started thinking that the table could be made from Lego; I've seen a similar (slightly) at Dollar Tree, and Fun with AG Fan's/Amaya's tutorials on DIY computers and the like. I can definitely see crafty AG fans making this set themselves.

    The filming supplies...looks awesome. A real looking camera! Yay! I'll wait for the reviews on it though.

    The scooter. I've seen a similar one in the Hammacher and Schlemmer catalog. I think it is supposed to be more stable than the regular Razor. Apparently it is the big thing right now; google tri scooter and see all the items pop up. While this one doesn't look like it folds up (like real tri scooters) it's still kinda cool. Again, i'll wait for further reviews.

  2. The scooter is a rehash from about 5 years ago. We have it in silver and blue.