Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nanea's Fluff of a Pup

Who is this scruffy new friend?

Photos used courtesy of and with permission by @adoreamericangirladult

This pup seems to be Nanea's pet, as featured on the front cover of her second book, Hula for the Home Front. Thanks to @adoreamericangirladult we get an up close view of this fuzzy guy!

It looks to be a terrier mix, perhaps with a shade of poodle? A yorkie-poo? The dog has embroidered eyes, though is mostly a mop of grey and off-white fur.

The pup comes with a brown tone collar.

Even though the pup is more fur than form, I think he's adorable. Then again, I have two yorkies and this little guy reminds me of them just a bit.

Does this pup come home with you, too?


  1. He is just so stinking cute! Reminds me of the two silver gray Schnauzers my mom had.

  2. I like him, my grandmother had a schnauzer named donut for the longest time until he died, and this dog reminds me of him so maybe I'll get him.

  3. very tempted to get all things Nanea, I do prefer the articulated truly me pets though.