Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sneak Peek Bonanza!

The future is bright and bold--with possible items for GOTY 2017 Gabriella, Contemporary Character Tenney Grant, perhaps for the rumored limited edition Z-Crew doll, Maryellen and more. 

The Knit Purple Dress could be for Gabriella, the TM line, or even a PWP. No way to tell at the moment!

The sequins are strong with the Black Sequin Shift Dress--my money is on Gabriella. But such a classic "little black dress"could work for Tenney or even TM line.

The Music-Themed Dress seems like it is destined for the TM line.

Another more casual piece--the Green Jacket seems like a TM mix-and-match piece.

The Denim Shirt with lace detail pocket seems very Tenney, but it also has a Z-Crew vibe in my eyes.

Lace Shorts seem to be perfect for country themed Tenney!

Brown Shoes are fairly ho-hum but the velvet laces do spruce them up a bit. I have no idea who these might be for.

This Paisley robe has the internet buzzing--with speculations as far afield as the rumored BeForever WWII era "Pearl Harbor" doll Nanea Mitchell. I think this robe may be for a the Z-Crew girl.

Oh, Maryellen! This seems tailored for our 1950s girl from Florida--don't you?

The swimsuit/romper will likely be paired with this Flamingo Purse.

And another kitty for some poppet. Rumors pair this fuzzy pet with Gabriella.

Whew! I can't keep up!

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