Tenney's World

Tenney Grant is AG's first Contemporary Series doll
Tenney  debuted alongside the first boy doll, Logan Everett on February 16, 2017
Tenney is a singer-songwriter and plays guitar and banjo
Both Tenny and Logan have new hand molds to be able to hold instruments
She will have a Golden Retriever named Waylon
Tenney is blonde with long wavy blonde hair and brown eyes
Sadly, Tenney comes in the new "large window" box style

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Tenney in the Wild

Tenney's Books

Book 1 - Tenney

Meet Tenney Grant! Her biggest dream is to share what's in her heart through music. Little does she know, she's about to get the opportunity of a lifetime.When Tenney gets invited to perform solo at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe, the pressure is on to write the song that will show what she's made of. But then Tenney's parents decide that she's too young to perform professionally, leaving her future hanging in the balance. What if this is Tenney's only chance to make her dreams come true?

Book 2 - Tenney in the Key of Friendship

Character Journal (excerpt)

Scholastic Release Schedule

Wow! Four books plus a journal! Note the release dates--#1 and #2 and a Journal at the end of January, book #3 in April, and a "Holiday Title" in September.

Tenney Prototype

See more of Tenney' prototype here.

Waylon, Tenney's Golden Retriever 

Tenney in the Wild

Sing Your Song Orange Tee

Short Boots

Sparkle Boots

Pleather Embossed Skirt

Country Plaid and Ruffles Pajamas

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