Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Puppy for Tenney Grant

Now this is an adorable plushie pup! This rose adorned pup is surely for our Tenney.

To be fair, it is hardly a difficult trail to sleuth at this point. But for fun, here is my official documentation of the clues so far.

First, one must note that Tenney's Journal is stenciled with large fully open roses, both on its cover and in its interior pages. I believe one of Tenney's motifs will be roses, the same way we saw hearts and bows as reoccurring motifs for Grace or the compass symbol for Lea. While Tenney is not officially a GOTY, she was originally designated a GOTY and thus we keep seeing these lovely touches in her collection.

The pup also features a collar adorned with two fully opened roses, a dark rose and a smaller magenta open tucked behind it.

For further confirmation, inside the journal, one of Tenney's entries shares that she has a golden retriever named Waylon.

And finally, though the earliest clue, a golden retriever was prominently featured on Tenney's "On the Set" video photo montage posted by American Girl on Instagram. 

AG posted the photo montage for just a short period of time and I was fortunate enough to have seen them live and to have screen capture them. Above is the golden retriever and two more from the set I put together as a collage. 

While on the on the set image above AG refers to the golden retriever as "Woodford," it seems plausible it is his code name for the eventual Waylon or it is a close variation that changed over production/development of the doll, book and movie.

I love the pup!

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