Sunday, December 4, 2016

Touring Tenney Country: Sequins, Lace or Flowers?

Searching high and low for Tenney's meet! Which might it be?

Sing Your Story Tee

This Sing Your Story Tee is a lovely distinctive color and from a production standpoint, cost effective as a simple tee with a simple image. The motto powerfully promotes Tenney's passion as a singer-songwriter. And it is super cute with the little tied bottom hem. This tee was one of the first to leak back in August so it has been around for some time already. Will it be Tenney's meet or will this tee be used as her debut day give-away tee?

Black Sequined Concert Dress

Perfect for Tenney's debut concert. A classy a classic look for a Tenney meet outfit but perhaps a bit over the top for a casual introduction. Or will this sequined number be for dancer Gabriela?

Embroidered Flowers Gathered Blouse

This darling blouse with embroidered flowers  is perhaps the most approachable and adorable casual blouse and would give Tenney a friendly, fresh, country flower charm. Or will this be for Julie? (It doesn't matter to me, it will belong to Tenney one way or another!)

Grey Cotton Shirt (with Lace Pocket Detail)

This seems to be a Tenney shirt but it also seems too muted to be used as a meet outfit. Or perhaps it is merely a TM general release?

Play Loud! Tee

The motto on the Play Loud! Tee seems to capture Tenney's spirit. But it could just as easily be a band tee worn by her friend Logan, a boy doll to be released along with Tenney. Logan is rumored to be a drummer and the tee features a drum set on the front. It seems unlikely to be Tenney's meet outfit. It could be a free give-away tee. Is it even for Tenney or is it for Logan?

Do you have other candidates for Tenney's meet outfit?

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