Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gabriela McBride: "Dream" Meet Outfit

So close! Still looking for her purple "Dream" tee.

Gabriela's meet is a casual dance-wear inspire ensemble. A crop-top purple tee emblazoned with "Dream," a sleeveless teal tank top, stretch-denim styled jeans, and purple-and-teal shoes. The colors are great and the shoes adorable.

I will have to admit both to finding this a pretty plain meet outfit for a GOTY and that this outfit is growing on me. The mix-and-match potential is high.

Note the fabric style vanity tag with "American Girl" on the teal tank. This furthers my suspicion that many objects tagged in such a way are more likey to be for Gabriela as GOTY. Though it seems plausible that Contemporary Series Tenney's clothing is also being fabric tagged the same way. Which leaves the hard plastic clear oval tags for the more generic Truly Me line.

Who doesn't need the perfect pair of jeans?

I am so interested to see some of Gabriela's hobby accessories. What might a girl who is a poet and dancer need to support her activities? Duffle bag? A laptop? She seems cool--how about a poppet sized iPhone 7, lol?

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