Monday, December 5, 2016

Tenney Country: Boots of Distinction

Are these the boots we have been waiting for?

These sparkle boots just scream TENNEY in bright lights and glitter. I have been waiting for a distinctive pair of boots for Tenney as it seemed inconceivable for singer-songwriter country music poppet would be created without a proper pair of boots.

Perhaps these boots will pair with the lace top and glitter-tulle skirt in soft peach.

The headband also has glitter like the boots and the band itself a soft peachty color,

I feel like we've probably seen most of Tenney's clothing now, though several items that originally thought of hers I am mentally moving to different categories. Namely the black sequin dress is probably for Gabriela (but Tenney will want it anyhow).

But those boots! They make me giggle and a little bit giddy. I can imagine pairing them in the most ludicrous ways with other outfits.


  1. American Girl Customer Service totally mistreated me today. They treated me so bad, I should never, ever, shop there again. I purchased 10 American Girl Doll's this year alone for my 6 year old. After they hung up in my face, I said I was done with them. But I saw this email and just melted. The Boots and outfit are absolutely stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face. Love the product and just pray for their staff members, who must not love their job or people very much. They have some staff that is awesome. Your page is awesome.

    1. I am not affiliated with AG in any way, but I am so sorry you had a terrible experience with their customer service. Like you, I also imagine that they are absolutely swamped with holiday orders and feeling the pressure of the holiday rush.

      However, I am VERY happy that Poppets & Posies could put a smile on your face with the recent find of these boots for (I believe) Tenney. They are so darn cute. Razzle-dazzle-glitter-sparkle cute. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely compliment, now I am smiling, too!