Saturday, December 3, 2016

Poppet Peeks: Tenney Grant?

Some believe this is our first look at a Tenney Grant prototype!

I love her!

If this is Tenney Grant there are a few features to note which make her distinct even though she is a classic face mold.

Very Long Blonde Wavy Hair - Tenney's hair reaches past her wrists and even a bit longer, a length only a handful of dolls have had in the BeForever and GOTY lines (and not at all in the TM line).

Brown Eyes with Decal Iris Eyes - The decal iris pattern is not very common and the brown decal is seen only in Samantha and Ivy. (Please let me know of there are other poppets with brown decal eyes.)

New Pattern for Freckles!

New Pattern for Eyebrows!

Heightened Face Paint - The particular rosy shade of her lips may be unique to her but unable to say without side by sides with other dolls.

Look at how long her hair is in these photos. That is sure to be a hit with many children and collectors alike, though the extra long length and curl is sure to become a headache for some parents. I love it, personally.

Could this merely be a custom made doll, pairing together a different wig, face and eyes to make a hybrid doll? Of course. But the freckles and eyebrows look factory-applied and not hand painted and that would indicate a new doll. And the wig is definitely a new design/length and very likely AG. And finally, there has not been a lot of custom-doll activity done overseas where this doll was found.

And one final note. These photos were found on Taobao, an overseas version of EBay. No one "owns" these photos other than possibly the overseas seller. A blogger putting a watermark on the photos found on auction sites does not make a person the owner of said photos. Being first to find these items online is a terrific feat--but sharing is caring.

As a general rule of thumb, I only add a watermark if I have gone through some extra trouble to photoshop or modify a photo. And often not even then. Enjoy!


  1. The wig looks like it could be a Caroline wig brushed out and put to the side to have a side part. From the back it looks slightly longer on the left side which would support this theory. Just a theory though...

    1. It could definitely be a custom. Though I also think Caroline's wig is a bit curlier, blonder, and less thick so the wig hangs more in loose sausage curls rather than a wave. I have no idea and we will need to wait for more images to leak!

  2. This doll really looks like a custom to me...

    1. If it is a custom, it is a custom that was put together to look a lot like the descriptions of Tenney Grant! At this rate it will only be a matter of a few more weeks to get some more solid leaks to confirm or deny, so stay tuned. :)