Sunday, December 11, 2016

TM Lilac Coat Dress

Look at this wonderfully tailored look for this spring!

So much to like and also to respond to in this coat dress. First is the very light grey-lilac color of the dress. It is so much more muted than I have come to expect in TM clothing, but as we saw in the Monet Spring Flowers dress, perhaps muted and washed out colors are a design theme to keep an eye out for this spring. 

Also, this tailored coat dress seems structurally similar to Grace's baby blue with black trim Travel Coat. Makes sense to me as it is likely economical to retread over patterns that have been designed and successful in the past.

Again, the clear plastic oval vanity tag, so for now I will presume this dress is intended for the Truly 
Me line on not a named character.

The back of the coat dress also has nice detailing.

The shoes are a complete hit for me. I am going to assume they go with the Lilac Coat Dress because of the grey-lavender color scheme even though the tangerine orange bows are a surprise. But I like the whimsy and might pair them up with the dress regardless!

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