Thursday, July 28, 2016

Saga's Saga

A new poppet officially joins the family. Meet Saga!

Saga debuts wearing the new San Francisco/Bay Area Star Tee from American Girl (2016), black textured shorts from Grace's City Love Outfit (2015), and platform sandals from the Karaoke Outfit (1999). 

We thought we had a name all picked out for her before her debut, but within minutes of being out of her box she promptly claimed her name was Saga.

Saga is feisty, adventurous, and curiously introverted. She loves to take long hikes or explore in the woods, often by herself. She is equal parts country mouse and city mouse and is comfortable in cities as diverse as Tokyo, Paris, or Oslo. She writes and is intensely interested art and photography.

Finding Saga was a bit of a saga in itself. Saga is a Truly Me 54* who was revised in May 2015 with the addition of notches at the corners of her eyes. However, six months after her May 2015 debut the TM 54* disappeared from the shelves of the AGPSF retail store and the doll stocked in her place since then has been the older version without the notches at the corners.

Additionally, current inventory through online ordering seems to only yield the older model without the eye notches. I know this since I ordered her two different times online and disappointingly received the older doll. AG customer service was helpless in verifying if it even had the newer TM 54* stock with the notched eyes. So look closely when buying or ordering TM 54! The older version is also darling and has the almond shaped eyes but she is missing the revised eye notches.

I have not been able to determine if the company is simply trying to quietly get rid of older, original stock of this doll without the eye notches or if they have stopped production and are letting the revised TM 54* slowly empty off shelves in anticipation of using a similar notched eyes/hair-with-bangs combo on the rumored BeForever Pearl. BeForever Pearl (code name only) will be an Asian American girl living in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

Welcome Saga!


  1. Saga looks beautiful!!! Almost like an older version of Ivy.

  2. What was the original name you had picked out for her before Saga? What names do you recommend? I have had #54 for 2 weeks and she just sits there staring at me unnamed.