Friday, July 1, 2016

What's Cooking?

AG's new kitchen (full kitchen scene here) is worthy of a closer look!

So many drawers and doors that open and close! Oven door and doors below the oven open and close. The light blue cabinetry to the left of the oven looks to have a drawer and door as well. The mini fridge under the counter opens as well as the cabinetry above the mini fridge.

But check out the pull-out pet food drawer on the lower right! And a bell for a hungry pup or kitten to order up!

Other parts that look like they have moving parts are the recipe box with integrated lid, the flexible hose on the sprayer for the sink, the toaster (pop that toast!) and the waffle maker can be loaded with a heart waffle.

Check out the cute heart shaped waffle. And no detail is overlooked, even the melon-pink trash can has a cute impression on its side.

And what about the breakfast scene? Will the waffle maker, heart waffles, and maple syrup dispenser be part of a breakfast set? It seems a breakfast set would include the cups, plates, forks, berry colored napkins, the clear orange juice pitcher and the large white pitcher--and the waffle supplies. Love that little maple syrup dispenser on the table!


  1. I am going crazy over this. Everyone loves it. I have not found a single person who has had a complaint about it on my blog, or Instagram. I can't imagine how many girls will get this for Christmas! And that syrup dispenser! *dies* Just like the ones they have at First Watch! I like how they made the table more proportionate for two dolls.

    1. I agree!!! American Girl really hit the mark on this set!!!

    2. I agree!!! American Girl really hit the mark on this set!!!