Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sweet Summer, Sweet Josefina! New Outfit?

Josefina fans have waited literally years for a new outfit for Josefina. Could this be the new rumored outfit?

The outfit seems to come with an embroidered camisa, a separate cotton print skirt with scalloped edge, and a silky green shawl. It seems a complete outfit would include a Josefina-style-and-color appropriate coordinating sash and shoes still yet to be found.

Eta: A possible sash has now been sighted!

Josefina missed out during the 2014 BeForever revamp of the Meet outfits and scored only a new skirt and sash. Josefina also missed out on the 2015 BeForever Limited Edition outfits--remember for example Kit's Chicken Keeping Outfit or Addy's Sewing Outfit? Yup, Josefina missed out on being included in a great set of Limited Edition outfits! However, finally we have hope of a new outfit for Josefina!

Rumors have it that Josefina is due for 2 new outfits this year, so crossing my fingers. I am a yes-yes-yes for all new Josefina items, sight unseen. However, this early peek is a happy surprise and will be coming home as soon as it officially debuts.  


  1. If it is a new outfit, it's certainly time for it! Also, this means Josefina probably won't be retiring anytime soon (or another Molly case and she really is retiring).

    1. Addy is the one to retire for this year, so luckily since theyve decided who to chop, Josefina is getting attention. I saw a picture of pink shoes with bows with this outfit, but I hope that's not true cause it kind of ruins the outfit for me 😩

  2. Maria S. is right--rumor-wise, Addy's retirement this year is certain. However, I have heard from another well-informed collector that we should also be prepared for *second* BeForever retirement later this year, though the name of the second has not been identified. I do _not_ think the second retirement is Josefina--I believe Josefina will survive the two 2016 retirements (I think it will by Addy and Rebecca).