Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mega Bloks Mega News!

Mega Bloks American Girl has showed up in a Kentucky Toys R Us store!

No word yet if the early stock was a mistake or if we can expect these sets to show up in all state side stores soon. The Toys R Us Canadian website has many of the sets listed for pre-order and has both artist renditions and stock photos along with prices.

GOTY Items

Grace's Pastry Cart - $14.99 CAD

Grace's 2-in-1 Slumber Party and Patisserie - $109.99 CAD

Isabelle's Dance Studio - $59.99 CAD

Saige's Art Studio  - $22.99 CAD

McKenna's Gymnastics Training - $14.99 CAD

Nicki's Horse Stable -  $44.99 CAD

* * *

Truly Me Items

Girls #1 - #6 (each sold separately, shown above is Girl #6) - $6.99 CAD each

Uptown Style (3 girls and accessories) - $22.99 CAD

Downtown Style (3 girls and accessories) - $22.99 CAD

These Mega Bloks American Girl scenes and girls are cute! But I am still holding out. And no sign of Kanani...


  1. How cute are these?? :) I would love if they did the Historical/Beforever ones as well. :)
    They seem a bit overpriced though...although that doesn't surprise me, lol.