Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day News! Spring Rumors and Releases

Happy Groundhog Day! The critter has officially predicted spring is on the way without delay!

Lea's Three-Toed Sloth was the closest I had to a murmeltier (aka groundhog) to share all the following happy news! Groundhog Day was one of my favorite holidays as a young child--no fuss, just fun songs and crafts about a magical critter who could predict the coming of spring. So how fitting to talk today about all the coming arrivals at American Girl.

Rumored for February 11th at American Girl is the spring release. Social media has reported Truly Me additions of an Ice Cream Stand and Sprinkles Outfit and other summer/sporting outfits. While we will be soon saying an official goodbye to the Bitty Twins, the Bitty Baby line will be getting several spring items during this release. Stay tuned to Poppets & Posies for an AGPSF in-store report!

Looking further ahead, coming March 1st will be Lea Clark's third book, Lea and Camila.

Rumored for sometime this late-spring or early summer will be a NEW line of 16" dolls by American Girl called Wellie-Wishers. Small leaks has led many to believe that Wellie-Wishers will be similar in size (tall and slender) to an earlier line of dolls from AG called Hopscotch Hill. Will this be the doll line in which we finally see the rumored "little brother" doll?

However, what we will not be seeing in the spring release are any BeForever "Limited Edition" outfits and we will have to wait until summer for both Melody and any more Lea Clark outfits or accessories.

And finally, to follow up on an earlier blog post, I received my big Lea purchase--but it is still sitting packed inside of the shipping box. The unboxing will surely be soon! I would have loved to have opened it last month but life and the winter flu temporarily derailed my plans. What is now needed is little bit of Lea sunshine!

Have you heard any other spring rumors? What do you hope to see this spring at AG?


  1. What?! No they cannot be getting rid of the Bitty Twins?!! What is going on at American Girl these days?

  2. I'm wondering if AG still plans to release the airstream camper and outfit for Maryellen? I haven't heard anything else since last fall other than its supposed to release this spring

  3. I hope AG doesn't focus too much on the Wellie-Wishers. They don't appeal to me at all. I'm not sure why, but they seem like fake American Girl dolls, like Hopscotch Hill. I don't want them to ruin their name and brand. I love AG how it is, and I don't see why they need to make such a drastic change.

    1. It feels like Wellie Wishers will just be slipped into the spot the Bitty Twin exits.