Monday, February 1, 2016

Side by Side: Lea's Rainforest House vs Kit's Tree House

Thank you to Forever Friends Dolls for their side-by-side comparison photo of Lea's Rainforest House and Kit's Tree House!

The two structures are similar in overall size, and while Lea's Rainforest House is slightly smaller overall it offers nearly double the useable and accessible play space inside because of the fully open front. Additionally, the height for the Rainforest House was utilized for a high sleeping loft bed rather than for the cute illusion of the Tree House being up in tree branches.

Kit's Tree House was retired in 2011 and for its price of $250 came with a chandelier, a lantern, photos and a cute bucket on a rope.

In contrast, Lea's Rainforest House is $395 but comes with a hammock, an outdoor oven with many cooking and eating accessories, a table and chair, a woven storage basket, a shower unit with a towel and soap, a moveable loft bed, mattress, blanket, pillow, a tablet, lantern, wind chime, paper butterflies, one frog and a colorful parrot.

I have loved the idea of finding Kit's Tree House for the longest time, but inch for inch, the design of Lea's Rainforest House plus its plethora of clever accessories makes it the five-star option for exciting play. 

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  1. The Treehouse would be cooler if it were taller, or if could attach on to something. I like the idea of dolls being high up.