Monday, June 1, 2015

Poppet Poses: Seaside Fun Outfit

The Seaside Fun outfit is a limited summer release, so if this casual beach outfit is your style, bring it home soon before it sells out.

My poppet Ingrid, one of my Isabelle twins, is modeling the Seaside Fun ensemble which consists of a striped pullover hoodie, shorts and sandals. The orange and peach of the sweater is a unique combination and the bright blue sandals a terrific contrast. However, the outfit is rather simple and yet still manages to be priced two dollars higher than the other two new Truly Me summertime outfits.

My first thought before dressing my poppet in the pullover hoodie was "Welp, there goes her original hair twists." But to my surprise, the neck opening was sufficiently large and the pullover slipped over her head easily. Additionally, the back of the pullover is a full neck-to-bottom velcro closure, so no awkward jamming of arms or dislocating of shoulders to get the arms into the sleeves, either!

A super cute detail from this Truly Me summertime release is the unifying detail of the flamingo, which shows up on several of the outfits and items released on May 21st. The flamingo on her pullover is a decal and not embroidered.

The shorts are super cute lightweight denim with frayed hems and a front velcro closure. I love the doodle embroidery on these shorts and all the doodle flourishes on recent offerings in the TM line. The Seaside Fun shorts will endure gentle play, but with the frayed hems, any adventurous play would be sure to show. 

Cute shoes, standard sandals with velcro back heel strap. They slip on easily. Oddly fancy shoes for a day at the beach, though perfect for shopping at the boardwalk or lunch at a seaside cafe.

I was on the fence about purchasing this outfit because of its price for a simple, though sweet, ensemble. However, the pullover hoodie is so comfy and the outfit will be here and gone quickly (prediction only) so I decided to take the leap. I imagine this outfit being claimed by more than one of my poppets in due course. Overall grade: A-

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  1. I'm not fond of the price either. I do like the shorts - is there a stitch hem above the fray? If yes,it will help the shorts last longer. I also like the hoodie (not really with those shorts, but mix and match potential...) it's great there is full velcro in the back. Sandals are cute. Thank you for the close up look.

    Great review. Thank you, again.