Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Fun: Flamingo Beach Dress

More fun beach-and-summer wear from the Truly Me debut! 

The Flamingo Beach Dress consists of a cotton halter top dress, sandals and a bracelet. The fabric for the dress features a design with flamingos, shells, and starfish.

The fabric also has tiny gold flecks (like glitter) on the surface of the fabric that is noticeable only up close. In fact, I don't think I noticed the gold flecks when viewing the dress in the store. It was only after I was home and was able to handle the dress in my hands that I noticed this fabric detail.

The bracelet consists of plastic beads and a starfish strung simply on a band of elastic.

The sandals were simple enough to slip on, but I am not a fan of the white elastic. I imagine the white elastic could look dingy and dirty in short order. Additionally the dark bronze color of the plastic, non-functional side buckle seems cheap and out of place with this shoe.

The halter top fastens behind the neck with velcro tabs. This dress reveals a lot of the cloth portion of the doll's shoulders and torso which for some customers is a downside to realistically designed summer wear, but I enjoy the greater range of design options this allows.

Astrid is cool and casual in the Flamingo Beach Dress. The dress is smart and tilts toward sophisticated with the halter top design, but the sandals are a design miss. A-


  1. Great review! There are some who don't like the exposed "skin," but like you said, there is a lot of potential with this dress. If you didn't want the exposure it could easily be paired with a shrug or jacket or button down shirt. The non-working plastic buckle on the sandals is a bit odd.

    Thank you for a great review! Keep up the good work as model, Astrid.

  2. Huh, this outfit is much cuter than I expected it to be based on the official photos, so thanks for that! :)