Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Birthday Outfit for Summer 2016?

Could this be the new Birthday Outfit for 2016? The outfit is showing up in American Girl adverts for the Signature Studios (Chicago, New York, Los Angles) but not yet in the stores.

I love it. The flirty sandals, the cotton candy pink skirt with shiny polka dots, the bling at the waistband, and the summer tank top. And who doesn't absolutely need a new tiara? And a satiny birthday sash? Over the top birthday girl fun!

I neeeeeeeed this outfit. Even if it means having to beg a friend or internet-friend to pick it up for me. We will need to keep an eye out for this birthday fun! Has anyone local to a Signature Studio seen this offered in their stores?


  1. Now that I have taken a moment to clearly examine the outfit, I love it! My favorite part is probably the dress itself because it looks like someone put time and effort into it's design.

  2. I have had this skirt for the longest time. It is nice to finally see which outfit it belongs to. I too love the total look and will have to get the complete outfit when it is released.