Friday, July 29, 2016

The Saga Collection

Introducing "The Saga Collection"

In my multi-month search for Saga, I had an abundance of time to imagine, plan, and acquire her wardrobe and accessories. The resulting colorful story board is a visual representation Saga's core collection.

I hope to eventually create these fun graphics for all of my poppets as a way to help me to keep track of my sprawling collection. All my poppets share and swap their clothing, but this way I can see with a quick glance who has made a primary claim on an outfit or accessory.

Additionally, with the recent rumor of the retirement of the GOTY line, I felt I needed to take a more active role in the creation of my own characters and stories. In other words, the GOTY line made acquiring new poppets and their collections a bit too easy and passive. In moving toward creating my own collection of "Saga Sisters" an entire new way of creatively interacting with my poppets and my collections has emerged.


  1. Love the story board. I got very inspired by Lea this year, and did something similar. While we have purchased the collection (minus the largest items), I felt several items were missing (jacket/raincoat for example, and more short and tops were needed) and made them or purchased them (Seaside Fun). It helped that Lea's story was one that I could relate to--while we haven't gone anywhere as exotic as Brazil, we do enjoy a beach and hiking vacation most years.

  2. Great collage. I love how you have it dispersed. I also had to smile at how many items are in my collection. :)