Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Contemporary Series: Everything We Know About Tenney Grant (Part I)

Time for a Tenney Grant roundup! So many clues showing up from all corners of the internet including a set of visual clues deliberately posted for a few hours only by American Girl on its Instagram account at the end of September.

What can we glean about the new Contemporary Series character Tenney Grant when we combine the American Girl Instagram photos with all the other hints, clues, and rumors on the internet?

Squee! Have we identified the actress who will be playing Tenney in the American Girl movie? On the left is a doll sized green and blue checked shirt with an "American Girl" vanity tag and on the right is an Instagram photo posted by American Girl from their "on location" film set. Seems like a match to me. This elevates the unnamed actress in the Instagram photo from simply being one of the girls on the set to The Girl on the set, namely, Tenney.

Tenney will have long wavy brown hair and most likely have a light or tan complexion.

Tenney will likely come with pierced ears.

Several Contemporary Series books are set to be published January 31, 2017. I believe they will be Tenney's story. While I would love to think this is also Tenney's debut date, considering the six month delay between Melody's book release and Melody's actual debut, this is not enough information to confirm a launch date for Tenney.

Contemporary Series Novel 1 & 2 are written by Kellen Hertz, who is also the author of Lea Clark's third book, Lea and Camila.

So what other clues can be found in those Instagram photos?

Music! Tenney looks to be a singer or a singer/songwriter. Some of the story will take place in "Music City" (another visual clue from Instagram, but I was unable to capture that image), more commonly known as Nashville, Tennessee.

Note the ruffles and plaid theme in the shirt the musician is wearing, you will see this again.

I find it impossible that Tenney will not have a guitar.

And while it seems American Girl was just teasing us with the photo of the guitar, check out the two posters in the background. The "Jam" session poster certainly seems to point more definitely to a singer/songwriter combination.

But even more interesting is the poster below that features a horse and offers some tantalizing possibilities. Does the text at the bottom of that poster say "The Prancing Pony?" Could Tenney be involved with a dancing horse show, stunt horse acrobatics, or other show horse activities? Will Tenney have a horse or pony as an accessory?

Woodford is definitely a pet possibility! Looks to be a Golden Retriever?

And finally, I think this coffee house photo may be more than one of the film sets--could we see a darling coffee shop/mini bistro set for Tenney's character?

American Girl really gave out a lot of clues from their Instagram photos!


  1. Hmm, very interesting! So I'm kind of confused by the Contemporary Series...is this what is replacing the GOTY?

    1. I read that it's a separated series for middle school kids.

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