Monday, December 7, 2015

From Lindsey to Lea: A Whole World Price Tag

The price list for Lea Clark's Whole World has been reported (thank you Lissie & Lilly)!

Lea Clark's collection is very similar in size, price, and scope as Grace Thomas' collection, with  Lea's big ticket items including an Ocean Kayak ($85), Fruit Stand ($150) and Rainforest House ($500). Sound familiar? Those are the exact price points from Grace Thomas' Bistro, Pastry Cart, and French Bakery.

For a look at how the GOTY "Whole World" collections have grown in price since Lindsey's debut in 2001 through the upcoming Lea Clark in 2016, Poppets & Posies has created a new info graphic. (Note the totals used are for the actual doll and collection and do not include merchandise for girls.)

Surprised? Shocked? Excited?

While Lea's debut collection prices out at $1235, one can fully expect a mid-year release of items, most likely coinciding with the release of her movie--so $1235 is just the starting point.


  1. Oh, that is interesting. I really appreciate all your graphs and other helpful pictures.
    - American Girl Doll Artist

  2. Wow my goty doll is the most expensive

  3. Wow my goty doll is the most expensive