Thursday, December 17, 2015


She's all over social media! A first look at BeForever 2016: Melody!

So excited! How about you??


  1. I am a little surprised to see American Girl is going to release yet another doll with side bangs. I like Melody, but I don't like her enough to get her. My sister, however, is considering it! :)
    - American Girl Doll Artist

    1. I am curious to know Melody's release date--January? February? August? While I plan to purchase a select few clothing or accessory items from Lea Clark's collection, I had already decided to look ahead to Melody Ellison's collection--both doll and world. American Girl releases so many new dolls every year now between BeForever, GOTY and Truly Me that I have had to plan more in advance and use all my self-control to forgo wonderful new dolls.

  2. I am excited to see if they use an Addy mold vs different mold on her!