Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Contemporary Series: Everything We Know About Tenney Grant (Part III)

We have the biggest reveal of hints to date short of actually seeing the doll herself!

Meet Tenney!

Medium long blonde hair with waves and highlights, possible side part without bangs, probable brown eyes.

But we have so much more confirmed now with pages from her journal!

Tenney. Check. Nashville. Check. Golden Retriever. Check. Singer/songwriter. Check. Guitar. Check.

Bonus information includes the name of her best friend and that Tenney also loves the banjo. We need a banjo, AG!

The publication date for her journal is January 31st--which means nothing considering the delay between Melody's book and Melody's debut. Am I the only one that wishes Tenney would simply release on January 1st??

So why have we found so much information about Contemporary Series Tenney Grant with her vague spring release date and relatively little about GOTY Gabriela McBride with a confirmed release date of January 1, 2017? 

The scoop seems to be that Tenney was originally developed to be GOTY 2017 and thus was ready to go with doll, books, clothing and accessories. So while Tenney may be released later in the year (please don't make me wait!) her items were already well into production.

In contrast, GOTY Gabriela McBride may be playing catch-up because of the schedule and doll switch-a-roo. Which is a bit unfortunate for Gabriela since at least among some die hard AG fans there has been less build up via speculation and leaks and thus her hype is proportionally also less. 

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