Saturday, January 3, 2015

WWOG: Baking Set

My new poppet, the GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas, is wanting to show everyone all her favorite accessories from her Baking Set.

We spent the morning scouring the house for a stainless steel counter so that Grace could cook like a professional cook! The doll-sized countertop is for the photoshoot only, but we have hopes of creating a permanent stainless steel table for all my poppets so they can professionally prepare foods.

The Baking Set comes with a mixer and two interchangeable blades, a mixing bowl with handle, four stackable measuring cups, a pastry cutter, a wooden spoon, an almond flour box, a flour sifter, a tablet with a stylus pen clipped to the side, and a full color miniature cooking magazine

The miniature magazine is perfect--I wish AG published more mini magazines and not just the "make your own" variety.

Measuring cups and pastry cutter.

The tablet comes with two other full color inserts to mimic browsing other pages on the internet. The inserts are a light plastic (like a thin credit card) so they should hold up to vigorous play.

Flour sifter with crank, almond flour box (prop only, box is empty), and a wooden spoon. I can not tell if the spoon is wooden with a light glossy finish or just a wood simulated plastic. Either way, the spoon is great.

The flour sifter has a working crank and the mechanism inside really spins.

Even the bottom of the sifter attempts to be realistic as possible with its simulated fine mesh pattern on the bottom.

Finally the mixer itself! It has two interchangeable blades and the top carriage raises up just like a real mixer to facilitate changing the blades. The mixing bowl sits in a circular indentation in the base of the mixer and is additionally held in place for play with hidden magnets (Yay, AG!). And best of all, with the addition of two AAA batteries, the blades really spin!

American Girl hit this one out of the park! The price point is moderate for all the well made pieces. If I could choose only a single accessory from Grace Thomas' entire world of goodies, it would be the working mixer with its interchangeable blades and mixing bowl. The fact that this mixer comes with all the other baking tools in the Baking Set puts this set at the top of my all time favorite accessory sets. A+


  1. Thank you for the up close and personal photos of the set. I liked the pastry blender and four sifter from the start.
    Tea Time with Melody Q

  2. You're welcome. As you can tell I am also a fan of this set. I may have to set out the miniature mixer somewhere in my kitchen to get maximal enjoyment out of this accessory. To me, even though it is made of plastic, it just seems to transcend its category of "toy" or "doll accessory" and is an interesting conversation piece in its own right.