Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WWOG: Opening Night

Grace takes a twirl in front of the camera in her pink Opening Night outfit!

The Opening Night dress is tulle mesh over a sequins. The dress is set off by a velveteen waist band that is attached. I especially like the asymmetrical layered tulle detail on the skirt. The capped sleeves are lightly elasticized at the bottom and slip easily over her hands.

The shoes are excellently constructed and slip on easily. There are no buckles or velcro closures on the shoes--instead there is hidden elastic inside of the silvery straps.

The headpiece is jaunty and crisp. It is a bit over the top but in fitting with all of the Parisian themes, with the flared fan reminding me of hair pieces worn by can-can dancers.

Fun, festive, and flirty, this is an outfit that a bit forward but still retains a classic look. Construction was solid and the design of the shoes particularly good. Grade: A


  1. I was originally going to pass on this outfit for Grace, but after seeing how beautiful the skirt is, I might change my mind. Oh if only the Nashville store would hurry up and open so I can go see it in person!

  2. Oh, how exciting--last I read, the Nashville store opens this May. Having an AGP store open last year in the Bay Area really changed how I shop for AG. Before the local store, all my AG purchases were by necessity by mail. Now at least 90% of my AG purchases are in-store and I am certain I spend more money now--I am not sure about why that is the case, except I really get a kick out of just "stopping by" AGPSF to "just look" and inevitably I come home with something!

  3. It's very pretty. All that netting...I'm afraid I would snag it on the Velcro or our kitties would grab it with their paws.