Sunday, January 4, 2015

WWOG: Welcome Gifts

In today's The Wonderful! World of Grace we are going to look at her Welcome Gifts. Grace Thomas' collection is somewhat different in that it offers two sets of accessories--the first being the Welcome Gifts which feature her pink beret, and the second being her Paris Accessories which feature her purse and gloves. 

On January 1st I was convinced I needed Grace's beret from the Welcome Gifts set--a beret is the quintessential wardrobe piece for a tourist in Paris! And while I do think her pink beret is cute, upon examining all the other pieces that are included with her Welcome Gifts, I am not certain this particular set is worth the price.

The Welcome Gifts come with the above items:  pink beret, flowers, an Eifel Tower cookie, three postcards, and a box of macaroons.

A resourceful person could definitely make this bouquet of flowers after a trip to a craft store--it is simply tiny fabric flowers wrapped in a nice patterned paper.

The Eiffel Tower cookie is pretty darling, and I love it. But this could also be crafted with some modest effort.

The postcards are cute, but also a paper craft for anyone with a color printer and some patience.

The back sides of the postcards contain an error! Grace Thomas lives in Bentwick, Massachusetts, not Bentwick, Rhode Island.

The box of macaroons was probably most disappointing. The box is already showing signs of wear on the edges after being handled for just a few minutes. While the heavy card stock used for the box is glossy, the edges and creases are showing wear quickly.

The macarons inside the box are cute--but they are merely one solid piece of painted plastic. There is simply nothing to do with the bonded double row of macarons but look at them inside of the box.

Finally, the pink beret which seems to be made out of pressed wool. I really like the embroidered heart with sequins detail. However, if I am being very honest with myself, I just bought a $32 doll sized beret. AG wins this round via my weakness for being a GOTY clothing "completionist."

My poppet sure is cute in her beret. However, if you have a beret from another poppet lying around, such as Ivy's berry colored beret--you may be able to pass this accessory set without missing out on too much in terms of Grace Thomas' wardrobe.

The beret is well made, but the postcards have errors and the macaron box and contents were a bit disappointing. Overall grade: B

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