Thursday, January 1, 2015

WWOG: Meet Grace!

Grace is finally home! We officially begin our The Wonderful! World of Grace series by looking at the Grace doll herself in her first few moments freed from her box.

She looks so sweet waiting to be released. I love this moment of just before removing a poppet from her box.

Grace's hair was sleek and well groomed right out of the box. I only combed her hair through once with a brush and snipped off six crazy hairs before taking this photo.

She has a light skinned Josefina mold with blue eyes and freckles. Her eyebrows appear to be another variation of the new feathered eyebrows that were introduced in August of 2014. For the sake of clarity, I will call the new feathered brows introduced last August as "Feathered Eyebrows I" and new style of Grace's eyebrows as "Feathered Eyebrows II." The most obvious difference between I and II is that the latter is slightly bigger or bushier, but as you can see, they do not overwhelm her eyes at all.

Her eyes appear to be the standard light blue eyes with spirals as seen in dolls such as MyAG 56. Her Meet tshirt is tres cute and the graphics have an almost glittery glow.

The ubiquitous tag--but I like it.

Grace's side braid. I separated it out in order to take a clear photo of it. I was thinking I would take it out of the braid soon, but I have heard that the braid pieces are much longer than the rest of her hair, which means I would have a "style it" vs "cut it" dilemma. Plus, I just know her braid will never look this nice again if I remove it. So, now I am undecided.

Her hair is long with both auburn and golden highlights mixed in. It has a slight curl at the bottom and is lightly layered as well.

Here is her hair length compared with GOTY 2014 Isabelle. Grace's hair is longer, though to the touch her wig seems a bit thinner than Isabelle's. However, her wig appears extremely full. Overall, "sleek" is the word that comes to mind as I play with Grace's hair.

Grace's boots are a soft gray canvas material with a bow detail. The boots are a a "slouch boot" design and they have no velcro back opening like many of AG boots, yet her foot slips into the boot very easily.

The Meet outfit also comes with coordinating pink underwear, but surprisingly, no decorative bows or hearts.

I really like the charm bracelet that comes inside of her box attached to the upper right hand corner inside. The charm bracelet is exactly right in all its details. I wish they made one for girls.

Grace's skirt has a black bow at the waistline. The skirt itself is probably the least interesting part of her outfit even though I like the color and the bow. The raspberry colored material, while soft, already looks worn (inexpensive?) and I wonder if the fabric may be prone to pilling.

Grace seems sweet and curious in nature right out of the box. We are charmed!


  1. Wow thanks for making this post! I was going to wait till my birthday in a couple of months to get her, but I might go ahead and splurge. She is really unique in my opinion! I absolutely LOVE her hair.

  2. Im sure she'd be thrilled to come with you home early--she can still be a birthday gift, but this way she can be settled in and be able to bake you some pastries for your birthday.