Thursday, April 20, 2017

BeForever News: Aloha! Nanea

Nanea Mitchell won't be released until August 24th, but we are learning more and more about her character and story. In case you have not seen the book descriptions yet for Nanea!

What do you think will be part of Nanea's collection based on her story? Speculations below...

Looking at Nanea's story descriptions...

"Dip in her paddle"

The ocean waters are likely a big part of her culture and her lifestyle. I feel that AG has done the kayak thing rather recently--maybe some something more indigenous related like a double-canoe? (For that matter, has AG ever done a canoe of any sort? I would love to see a BeForever Native American with a canoe!)

"Grandparents' market" & "Victory Garden"

Food items and settings seem to be a big hit at AG--perhaps a vegetable/fruit/food stall? How about gardening supplies--that would be adorable!

"Nanea turns to hula"

I would be shocked if Nanea does not get a hula outfit!

"Back to School"

Almost every BeForever doll has school supplies--it seems likely to see something school-themed for Nanea. Lunch box? Books? Recess play items?

So what will be Nanea's Big Ticket Item? A Market Stall would be an easy guess--but I am hoping to be more surprised by something unique. 

What do you want to see as part of Nanea's collection?

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