Friday, April 14, 2017

Z in the Wild! First Look

Z has been spotted in her box with author Jen Calonita. Picture shared with permission!

So now we know her meet is the purple tee and grey skirt. However, according to Jen Calonita on her Instagram account Z does not appear to come with her orange glasses nor did she spy them inside her box. My guess is the orange glasses will come with an accessory set (scarf, glasses and hat??).

It also looks like Z comes with the notched eyes and not simply the almond shaped eyes without notches.

No word on perma-panties yet!


  1. Do you think you will get Z? She is cute, but I am definitely curious about permanent panties AND body/hair quality. I did get Tenney right away and was pleased with how thick her hair is but my dolls hair has lots of flyaways. Also, my Tenneys lip paint was higher on one side than the other. Unless quality greatly increases, I think I will stick to secondary market or just be done. :(

    1. I am on the fence. I may use some Z items for my poppet Saga, who is a photographer. If I did get Z, I would give her a different name and storyline. Or I may still try to pick up a TM30 instead before she disappears. I am very undecided on this one!

    2. Just saw that Z will have permanent panties....:( I think we will hold off for sure, but my daughter loves photography so some of Z's accessories may come home to us.

    3. She DEFINATELY has perma panties. We have seen it. NOT buying

    4. Thank you for the in-the-wild report! I really like her face and wig--if I get her I will go to the expense of swapping her body. There is a limit of how many times I will bother to do this in order to get a satisfactory new AG doll.

      There is also a competing rumor that an AG VP has said the perma-panties will be discontinued at some point because of being so disliked by almost everyone. Fingers crossed.

  2. Trying not to like her. We will make Our Ivy, be a Z. Plan to get her Collection, some day.