Saturday, April 29, 2017

Z's Accessories--Orange You Glad?

I love that Z has orange as her pop out signature color. In today's review, let's check out how Z's Accessories set gives the poppet the chance to change up her looks with signature flair.

This was an impulse buy at the store--I was lured in by the orange glasses and the thought of saving $5 when bought with the poppet. Z's Accessories comes in the newer full window box style. In spite of being careful with this new box style, I once again mangled the top tab to the box when opening. Oh well, I tried.

The hat and the scarf are each secured with a single stitch and they also go through the jacket. The glasses are held in place partially with a rubber band. When detaching the items from the inner cardboard and stitches, the knit hat did the best with no visible marks, and the jacket survived as well. The striped scarf, because of the stretch knit, I was able to massage out the small holes left by the stitch threads. Not too bad, I will give it a passing grade for removability but I still miss the old boxes!

The fun begins with the variety of looks available--her signature orange glasses are the best! To think I was going to skip this set!

And to be fair, paying $32 for bits n' bobs and a plain white jacket felt a bit much, though the pain was lessened by the $5 off for purchasing it with the doll. But, still, $27 for a scrap o' scarf?

Ooooh, but it is a cute scarf! 

AG got this tiny scrap of a scarf just right. It looks good without trying and minimal fuss. It is easy to get on and off with velcro tabs on the back side of the double-looped scarf.

Z's hat is an identical reissue of the knit hat from the Trail Accessories set from 2014. Super cute, soft knit, and also fits easily on the poppet's head with no trouble.

So the biggest reason I was initially not going to buy Z's Accessories is that I felt her white jacket was identical to the white denim jacket part of the True Spirit Accessories set introduced in 2012. I had that older jacket and was thinking to save a few dollars. And it is true, the two jackets are extremely similar.

But I was surprised when I compared the two that there were a few differences to be noted and at least three of the subtle differences in the new white jacket for Z made it worth the purchase.

The jacket in the upper left is Z's new jacket and the jacket in lower right corner is the older version.

The three main differences are

* Z's jacket is more of a true white, the older jacket is a cream based white

* Z's jacket is a lighter weight of denim

* Z's jacket is slightly looser in fit and is almost an inch longer in length

Also of note, the older shorter jacket has 4 buttons down the front, the newer Z jacket has 5 buttons down the front plus on the decorative chest pockets. There are other minor style differences with Z's jacket, with softer edges on the pockets and of course the clear plastic AG vanity tag.

In the picture below it is easier to see how Z's jacket is considerably longer in length.

In practice in the side-by-side comparison picture below, the older True Spirit cream-white jacket on the left is a closer fit and ends higher up on the natural waist of the doll with the purple tee hanging out/lower beneath it. The Z Accessories stark-white jacket on the right below is a looser fit and hangs slightly lower toward the hips and ends even with the bottom hem of the purple tee.

Overall, I do like the new jacket. Without a side-by-side I would have been hard pressed to know the difference from a play perspective, but I really do appreciate the updates and tweaks made to the jacket. The new Z jacket is just right!

Overall I was happily surprised with my last minute splurge on Z's Accessories set. I love how she looks a bit different depending on which combo I use and each piece is thoughtfully constructed. A solid and surprising A.


  1. Great review! I can definitely skip this set. :-)

    With regards to the white denim jacket, you have to go back just a bit further. The first time I saw it was in 2005 a part of Licorice's Best Friend Outfit. It resurfaces in 2010 as part of Lanie's Nature set. I have both of those. The former has pink flowers embroidered above the plain chest pockets and Lanie's has a green dragonfly above the left chest pocket. Both are similar to the 2012 version with the creamy white color and 4 buttons. :-)

  2. Thanks for comparing it to Lanie's jacket, which I have. I don't like the hat so, I can't see paying for this set for the glasses and the scarf, although both are cute.